Ice and Snow

Godville, Dec 22 2017

Snow fills the air while winter marks the calendars. This festive combination is known for its consequences throughout Godville.

Let’s start with the changes that will last for the whole winter. Low temperatures in the seas led to occasional formations of ice glaciers on top of the reefs. These things still deal small damage to arks, but thanks to the ice, they also work as natural refrigerators, so arks don’t consume supplies while at it.

Chill in the fields has brought a new activity to our red-nosed champions – ice fishing. The winter counterpart of the widely known activity doesn’t need a bait, so our hard-headed heroes will fish more often. Since holiday air is full of magic and snow, the heroes can fish out festive and very useful snowflakes.

Firstly, the traders will pay a hefty price for this manifestation of holiday spirit. Secondly, magic snowflakes are still snowflakes, so if a hero collects a few, he can make a snowman. Finally, these snowflakes work just great in the Godville Times Bingo, while the Bingo itself is abundant with special holiday rewards.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that it’s time to celebrate. Holiday monsters, including tamable Santa Clawses, are already in the fields. They spread holiday spirit and special holiday gifts that can be activated without godpower. Festive tent-camp next to Godvillle, also known as “Laplandville”, has already opened its doors to the excited heroes. The holiday feast will go on for the next ten days, so there is plenty of time to enjoy.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Comments (46)
Daddys-paddle Dec 27 2017 05:37

Happy belated holidays all. Hope to meet y’all in the world sometime

Prakriti fu Dec 30 2017 17:54

Feeling winter

Ureus 4 Dec 31 2017 16:28

I have yet to tame any pet since I lost my last one,and it’s almodt been a month,is this a big?

Cham Almighty 6 Jan 06 2018 19:31

That was a wonderful holiday treat – thank you so much!

Deogorath Jan 14 2018 02:54

I haven’t been able to recruit a pet either, since I released mine. It may be level related, but could be a bug as well

Bishnuroy Jan 24 2018 11:43

Stupid game wheres my character

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