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Godville, Nov 05 2017

Greetings, dear gods! We have some great news to share today.

Video Chronicles

As you know, everyone can read chronicles of past duels, boss fights, dungeons and sails. While you could grasp what happened out of the gray wall of text, the drama of the fight and the thrill of exploration were somewhat lacking. It’s time to unveil new high-tech beauty to solve this: video chronicles.

Every duel, boss fight, dungeon or sail exploration can now be replayed as it was happening. Finally, you can see arks setting sail, spelunkers wandering under the ground and heroes clobbering each other – with health decreasing each turn. From now on, all new chronicles will have Replay controls to help you get around. Check out how sailing looks. Quick hint for PC players: you can use arrows and Enter key shortcuts or just mouse-click turn entries.

Life after 1000 pairs

There is important news for the diligent gods with a thousand pairs in the ark, because now there is the next big thing to do. Manimals and fenimals, in some way, are “monsters”, so having a herd like this in an ark makes god… a god of monsters, sort of. Maybe not a full-blown one just yet, but with a new thing to do: now he can design his own boss.

The boss is made in a Lab kindly provided by some unnamed mad scientist. The Lab requires special ingredients to do its magic. The first one is pairs. Don’t be afraid, this time only one hundred pairs are needed. The second one is even more interesting – boss parts. Yes, those little boss pieces that a hero gets when he defeats a boss. A full set – from hoof to horns – is needed to create a new living being. There are many new bosses to get the parts from, and every part will affect the end result. However, in the best traditions of ZPG, a god’s involvement is not required – a hero will eventually get the full set all by himself.

Once created, the personal boss will be listed on the god’s page for everyone to see. The god will be able to summon it in their fights. An extra pair of hands will come in handy in their shop too.

Night theme on a PC

Mobile deities have already enjoyed it for a while, but now it’s coming to the browser version of the game too – almost all of the game pages now support night-mode. You can enable night theme in the hero page’s settings (link at the bottom of the page).

Comments (44)
Hairplug4men 6 Nov 05 2017 10:27

Awesome update! Amazing world guys, you keep surprising me. Studying fights is gonna be a lot of fun now.

Nyx of Darkness Nov 05 2017 10:35

Woohoo! Thank you for another innovative update! Love this game more with every new update XD

Krunox123 Nov 05 2017 10:36

Keep up the good work!

Hershey Almighty 6 Nov 05 2017 10:43

Love it!!! Can’t wait to try it all out :) I actually stumbled on the night mode page yesterday before the announcement and was wondering if it had always been there! lol

Sorenim Nov 05 2017 10:47

Thanks for the cool update!

Chinese Wolf 6 Nov 05 2017 10:55

Cool update!

The Mighty Stang 4 Nov 05 2017 11:07


Azzageddi 6 Nov 05 2017 11:11

Fantastic! The addition to fights spunds great, and making your own boss monster should be lots of fun.

Alice A 4 Nov 05 2017 11:12

Love the video and our own bosses. Thanks!

Sprinkleton 4 Nov 05 2017 11:47

Holy hell – it’s either “WHAT sailing looks like” or “how sailing looks” you freaking mongs. “How sailing looks like” makes you sound like a burned out middle school dropout. Other than that, awesome!

NobodyIsPerfectButMe Nov 05 2017 11:59

Wow. I am far from completing 1000pars but the idea of making my own bossmonster sounds splendid. I cannot wait to try it. What role this franken-monster will have? Will he be like a pet monster? Or will we make new bossmonster for dungon use?

TaiJuan 6 Nov 05 2017 12:12

Nice update! I really like the video feature.

Jimbob64 6 Nov 05 2017 12:23

This is AWESOME. And I’ve dreamed of these exact features.

Cinisi 6 Nov 05 2017 12:31

Wow, having a personal boss monster sounds rad. Thanks for the update guys!!!

Mallorn 4 Nov 05 2017 13:07

This is huge and most welcome news, thank you!

Da Dude Up There 4 Nov 05 2017 13:24

Thanks, great additions!

Zemarea Nov 05 2017 13:30

Awesome! Thanks for the new additions.

Veorra 4 Nov 05 2017 13:39


God2000 4 Nov 05 2017 13:51

This is so great! Time to go mad with my creations!

NebulousOne 6 Nov 05 2017 13:58

I think this new development will be a big help for the older mature gods! Looking forward to creating a personal assistant monster to help in the future adventure!

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