Glory to the Champions

Godville, Jul 05 2014

It’s been some time since new Arena was opened and now the time has come to lift the drapes from the new pantheon – the Pantheon of Duelers. Its rating is based on the classic Elo rating system, which accounts for the outcomes of all previous duels of both players. It’s also more forgiving towards occasional loses (comparing to the old rating).

To make things even more interesting, there now will be contest seasons. During a given season all wins and losses will be counted towards the present player’s rating. Once the season is over a new achievement will be awarded according to the final standings and the rating will start over again for the next season.

The guild dueling pantheon (previously known as the Pantheon of Aggressiveness) has been renovated as well. Now it’s called the Pantheon of Duelery and it’s also based on the Elo ratings of the most successful duelers among the guild. This rating is not seasonal and it accounts for all fights that took place since new arena rules were put in place (June 6, 2014).

In other news – the influx of new dwellers are about to settle down in some remote locations, but they yet to name their towns and decide what to do. So, if you have great ideas for a particular new feature for town (as well as a name) please voice it via comments or Ideabox.

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Tweeg Jul 05 2014 22:01

I’d love to see a town feature that allows high ranking guild members perform a recruiting or guild advertising task to help get new members.

DJXiej Jul 05 2014 22:27

Roflopolis with suburb Lollerville

Hairplug4men 7 Jul 05 2014 23:16

is there anywhere it tells us when this season of competition starts and ends.

Bellegere 5 Jul 06 2014 00:04

I can’t stop laughing over Roflopolis and Lollerville!

Blank Fence 4 Jul 06 2014 00:50

Town Name: Town Name Town Mechanic ideas: Has a chance to change the nature of a pet Nick names for our Hero(ine)’s friends to refer to them as.

Fred Flintstone Jul 06 2014 01:20

Dude. I’m late. But I disagree with Destiny Avoided. We should have the town Here and There. (was my first thought at the announcement of new towns.) who wants options to go to here or there anyway?

The God Of Monsters Jul 06 2014 02:06

I think there’s a bug in the Duelers Pantheon. Monsters are telling me that when they click in on their arena records in Duelers, the list bears no relation to their actual fights.

I have spot checked and the list under Duelers is completely bogus, blatantly so when you compare it with Gladiators. For example, none of our Monsters have temples yet but the Duelers list shows them fighting anciently templed players who they could never have matched under the old rules or the new rules!

Nachomancer Jul 06 2014 04:06

Love the new pantheons! For a new town, I suggest Kleptopolis, infamous for its pickpockets and thieving shopkeepers.

Nova The Great Jul 06 2014 04:22

Finally, more news… And about a new town how about Derpwood, which makes our heroes become even worse about their money when inside…

Alpha Mole Jul 06 2014 04:34

Battleburg, where a rough new arena has been built for the outer provinces – perhaps with a few local rules of its own. Heroes would have a chance of going there instead of Godville after “send to arena” – up to TGR, of course. (Thunderdom is another possible name for this town. Not sure which fits the game better.)

Capricciosa Jul 06 2014 05:19

Just had one of those new “deafening” arena fights. Not a big fan of those! But the new pantheons look interesting.

The town of “Gopherwood” seems like any other town for players without temples, but templed players can try to use actions (or maybe miracles?) to transform coins into ark logs while in town.

FlameUriel Jul 06 2014 05:26


Nemesid 6 Jul 06 2014 05:32

AlphaMole’s suggestion is great – Battleburgh with alternate Arena with unique rules or higher chance for specific rules.

The God Of Monsters Jul 06 2014 06:31

Leveler’s Gap – a town near the Caves of The Leveller, where melting a brick is easier.

American Idiot Jul 06 2014 13:11

Can’t our old win/losses be added to this database? I’m 215/157 but it says I’m 3/5 :(

Elementarion Jul 06 2014 23:28

Some town ideas:

Skydale/Brighton: Up in the mountains, maybe near Herolympus (as if that matters with the heroes’ navigational skills), close to the sky. Encourages are more effective here, and (possibly) good heroes get better prices at the trader’s.

Dark Ness: Situated within a forest on a narrow strip of land (a ness) poking into the ocean, this town is near a nexus of evil. Punishes are more effective here, and (possibly) evil heroes get better prices at the trader’s.

Newbay: A small town located by a bay not too far from Godville City. The townspeople like to see new faces, and are generally more helpful to lower-level heroes.

Stow Lane: A settlement of thieves. The hero is likely to get swindled by the trader or have gold slowly and randomly disappear without notice while (s)he’s in town.

Jayne Serenity Jul 07 2014 02:58

I second Dark Ness.

Jaxyn Jul 07 2014 08:42

Faunstar: Inhabited by mischievous satyrs.

Leonardo L Ribeiro Jul 07 2014 12:38

Land of the Graves.

FERRIC66 4 Jul 08 2014 17:03

I kind of like Djiningrad. Where wishes come true. Even bad ones.

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