Glory to the Champions

Godville, Jul 05 2014

It’s been some time since new Arena was opened and now the time has come to lift the drapes from the new pantheon – the Pantheon of Duelers. Its rating is based on the classic Elo rating system, which accounts for the outcomes of all previous duels of both players. It’s also more forgiving towards occasional loses (comparing to the old rating).

To make things even more interesting, there now will be contest seasons. During a given season all wins and losses will be counted towards the present player’s rating. Once the season is over a new achievement will be awarded according to the final standings and the rating will start over again for the next season.

The guild dueling pantheon (previously known as the Pantheon of Aggressiveness) has been renovated as well. Now it’s called the Pantheon of Duelery and it’s also based on the Elo ratings of the most successful duelers among the guild. This rating is not seasonal and it accounts for all fights that took place since new arena rules were put in place (June 6, 2014).

In other news – the influx of new dwellers are about to settle down in some remote locations, but they yet to name their towns and decide what to do. So, if you have great ideas for a particular new feature for town (as well as a name) please voice it via comments or Ideabox.

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The Viper of Vipp Jul 10 2014 04:40

The town of Moderation.

*bold*EVERYTHING GOES IN Moderation!

RazAlguul Jul 15 2014 10:18

I think an aura for winning in the arena is necessary. A 50/50 ofcourse. The big-headed aura. After winning an arena fight your hero feels on top of the world as if nothing could stop him/her. As a result he barters better with traders and pays less at the pub while at the same time not knowing when to quit. For example bartering with a trader and getting ahead of him self. “Barter my way into a higher price without realizing it. Trader hit me with the 3000, no 2000, NO 4000, Ha DEAL!” When will this torture end? Also seems to attract stronger monsters while losing the common sense to run away before near death experiences take place.

BunnyLord Jul 15 2014 16:02


This town was built after a wealthy villager fell down the Los Adminos well, and found a small wooden door built into the wall. Inside the door, a completely stocked bunker town had been built for emergencies. Well, since there were none to speak of, with heroes patrolling the area, the town had grown into disuse until a lone hero found an aboveground entrance into Mancave. since then, the town has grown exponentially. The current population is about 50 with a growing census of adventurers and townspeople looking to settle.

Hope this is approved! :)

Fanry 4 Jul 17 2014 00:20


Dirty Terri Jul 17 2014 17:01

The town of ZIPANZAG

DeadshotX Jul 19 2014 15:24

The town of Zihuatanejo

Mang Kanor Jul 23 2014 07:54

The Town of Awesomeness. Where everything from equip to gold bricks are AWESOME!

Mr Foxx Jul 24 2014 06:28

There should be a town where godpower is easier to get, but traders are more likely to steal your artifacts and gold.

TheDeathless Aug 01 2014 14:36

Can the town have a high chance of finding new friends?

Valdor Aug 12 2014 19:18

Robin Williamton, in honor of Robin Williams.

Fanry 4 Aug 14 2014 20:49

New Ork.

Fanry 4 Aug 20 2014 22:16

If not, i second Mancave.

Flexor Aug 30 2014 13:49

Mount Saint Hellish….while trade is good ( the pro ), one could always run the risk of a small eruption once every 7-14 days or so, causing something such as the breakage of a few items, his/her guild being blamed for the blight, or even a pet being knocked out by a falling boulder ( minor con )…but, once every, let’s say, 14-31 days…there is a major eruption. This could have the affect of loss of all items, all money, or death. ( or any combination of the three… ) As you can see, there is plenty of room for tweaking the variables on the con’s…but I’m thinking the pro would have to be either a VERY good trade allowance, or a good trade allowance along with…hmmm…your guild being looked upon as a good omen due to no eruption or this site being known as " the place to get the absolute BEST deals in equipment ". This just came to mind…this could be known as the only site where All hero’s ( noobs all the way up to the Grand PooBah himself ) can enter a cave and embark on an epic×II or epic×III quest ( maybe something like, " Stick a Cork in it….the Volcanoe ", that is ), with the reward being something like, I dunno’ , your hero’s name receiving a special new cool font or color ( or both ) showing his/her designation of being one of the chosen few ( gotta make it double tuff, devs…sorry ) to complete this monumental task ! KEEP IN MIND…time will be an important factor, as I believe it would add a certain factor of " impending doom " if the eruption time variables were kept in place during the trial…! Again, I believe there is lots of room for tweaking this one…but I definitely feel this has great potential, and would humbly ask for any good ideas or support to enable this idea to become part of Godville canon. Everybody else….be quiet. lol HarryMudd …..brought to you by FLEXOR, Inc.

Ghost-n-Bass 4 Oct 16 2014 16:44

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Frion Nov 04 2014 02:29

Crystavilla, a town decorated with gemstones, where traders will buy your items in higher price but the equipments here are also costlier than the other towns. 345 milestone

Lokichapman Dec 26 2014 09:30

Bangadrum where hero’s are treated like well heroes…songs and tales are made up just for them

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