Glory to the Champions

Godville, Jul 05 2014

It’s been some time since new Arena was opened and now the time has come to lift the drapes from the new pantheon – the Pantheon of Duelers. Its rating is based on the classic Elo rating system, which accounts for the outcomes of all previous duels of both players. It’s also more forgiving towards occasional loses (comparing to the old rating).

To make things even more interesting, there now will be contest seasons. During a given season all wins and losses will be counted towards the present player’s rating. Once the season is over a new achievement will be awarded according to the final standings and the rating will start over again for the next season.

The guild dueling pantheon (previously known as the Pantheon of Aggressiveness) has been renovated as well. Now it’s called the Pantheon of Duelery and it’s also based on the Elo ratings of the most successful duelers among the guild. This rating is not seasonal and it accounts for all fights that took place since new arena rules were put in place (June 6, 2014).

In other news – the influx of new dwellers are about to settle down in some remote locations, but they yet to name their towns and decide what to do. So, if you have great ideas for a particular new feature for town (as well as a name) please voice it via comments or Ideabox.

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The 3mprah Jul 05 2014 15:17


Sahnigahv 6 Jul 05 2014 15:23


God of Storms 4 Jul 05 2014 15:30


Cinisi 6 Jul 05 2014 15:40


Anubhavagrawal 4 Jul 05 2014 15:47

can u please fix arena dual draw results?

Connor MacLeod Jul 05 2014 15:55


All Mighty Joyce 6 Jul 05 2014 15:56


Tri-Force 4 Jul 05 2014 16:08

There’s a Godville, a Deville, a Los Demonos, So how about a Los Angeles!? Jk Ooh ooh! Feature- Aura of Drunkenness! If the hero spends enough money towards beer when in town, they’ll get this aura! As for effects, maybe more damage but more chance of wasting turns…

GamerMind Jul 05 2014 16:17

For a town far away how about: Långtbortistan Swedish words written together, the translation becomes: Far away in town

Destiny Avoided 4 Jul 05 2014 16:48

Darn; mobile app locked up on me twice; there were only 3 comments when I tried this before, so I could have been the first one to suggest new town names here.

Anyway, here are a few of mine:

  1. Xeonodelphia (Translates to City of Aliens)
  2. Nowheresvill
  3. There (When you’re There, you’re here!)
  4. Here (When you’re Here, you’re there!)
  5. Lost Socks Village (on the Lost Socks river. The town is segregated, the Left socks live on the North bank, the Right socks live on the South bank.)
  6. Tradeburg on the Lake (Resort where merchants go on vacation)
  7. Crater Valley Gulch Bottoms (A town at the bottom of a gulch in a valley within a crater)
  8. Whoville (All the Who’s in Whoville loved Godville a lot, but the Grim Sweeper who lived just above Whoville, the Grim Sweeper did not!)
Jimbob64 6 Jul 05 2014 16:54

Looks great.

Destiny Avoided 4 Jul 05 2014 17:13

I like the Pantheon change, but I don’t see it in the web interface.

Another city name, for what it’s worth (which isn’t much, coming from me):

  1. Suburbanopolis (Not a Metropolitan, or even Urban big city. It’s just a suburb of itself.)
Queen Valerie Jul 05 2014 17:27

I guess it’s okay.

Guru Gnu Jul 05 2014 17:46

New town : Roflopolis

Crooms Jul 05 2014 17:47

Cityburg the home of “big city hero’s”

Marthter 6 Jul 05 2014 17:53

A town named Roflopolis would be awesome. I second the motion.

Awesomecanuck Jul 05 2014 19:04

The city of Townsville, and the town of Citysville.

Raindropstop 4 Jul 05 2014 20:51

I like the town name Roflopolis also!

God of Storms 4 Jul 05 2014 20:55

Roflopolis sounds interesting godville needs more towns

Corran Horn 6 Jul 05 2014 21:12

Wintersmell a town where winter is coming and townsfolk can smell it.

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