First Ark

Godville, Apr 27 2014

Dear Godville Gods,

Let’s join our divine hands in Godville-wide congratulation of Kingdada for completing the First Ark! It’s time to reveal its perks. Firstly, an owner gets a shiny new medal. Secondly, heroes can now use the ark in accordance with its widely known application – store multiple pets. Following a god’s command a hero can place his current pet in the ark and head on for taming a new one. Thirdly, an ark-owning god is finally powerful enough to give a name to any pet of his hero. Other uses for arks are also likely when there will be quite a lot more of them. Btw, arked heroes will keep scavenging for gopher wood – who knows, it may come in handy for upgrades.

Speaking of pets, a bunch of new monsters have became tameable. Some of them even have an all new dungeon-ability and are fully capable of accompanying their masters in spelunking. For now these breeds are Grounded Hog, Inner Demon, Gummy Wyrm, and Vengeful Mole (feel free to suggest more in comments). Also, a report from the mad scientists claims that a fast healing of the pet (within 10 hours after the knock out) will boost up its development – the pet will gain a new level faster or even level up right on the spot. Btw, did you know that heroes with a pet medal change their pet’s personality three times more often?

The most groundbreaking update comes to dungeons. Recent developments unearthed half a dozen new types of dungeons, a new kind of harmless trap (that forces the team to skip a turn) and a mindbreaking “Hot and Cold” treasure clues. But here’s the real kicker – dungeon side quests! Sometimes heroes can get a minor side job like visit a certain room or avoid all bosses. These side quests are entirely optional (except for that one case when it’s not), but most of the time the reward should be totally worth it. Happy spelunking!

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Jimbob64 6 Apr 27 2014 03:22

Congratulations, friend! Have fun, you earned it. You and… Dadacomet. Why do I love that name, anyway?

Cheers! (Toasts)

Damitt 5 Apr 27 2014 03:24

Congrats to Kingdada! Thanks to the devs for the awesome updates! Off to the dungeon I go!

Hershey Almighty 6 Apr 27 2014 03:31

Congratulations to Kingdada! What a feat!

Once again you devs keep introducing awesome improvements and additions to this very unique game! I love it :) Thanks for all the work/updates!!!

Keleios 6 Apr 27 2014 03:33

Congratulations Kingdada!!!


Jimbob64 6 Apr 27 2014 03:36

On another note:

“That’s what an ark does? Ooh, gotta get me one o’ those…” Never wanted to give up my very first pet, 21 months and level 40. But also wanted a Godvilla.

This is great!

Now, ready… set! dungeon!

(That ark might actually be more fun than a temple for me personally.)

Alixypeth 6 Apr 27 2014 03:37

@Kingdada wow, congratulations! That’s a lovely new medal!

The true Matt 4 Apr 27 2014 03:41

Congratulations Kingdada! Devs – sounds great and maybe you can bring back Animalist with a multiple pet twist?

Erisei 4 Apr 27 2014 03:45

Kinshasa, Congratulations! Now I can’t wait to finish my ark!

Bellegere 5 Apr 27 2014 03:45

Congratulations Kingdada!

And hurray for new updates!

Erisei 4 Apr 27 2014 03:46

Kingdada sorry stupid auto correct

Wreck 6 Apr 27 2014 03:52

Yay ! Super excited for Kingdada and dadamighty !! :) :) :) … Lets celebrate by going on a dungeon run !!! :)

Great Apollo Apr 27 2014 04:14

Congratulations King! First one done! You’ve given us all a good run — always trying to catch King! Hope to still bump into you from time to time when we head “downstairs!”

Doggywoofer Apr 27 2014 04:22

Woohoo King huge congratulations!

Jaxyn Apr 27 2014 04:27

Liar Wolf?

Mapk 7 Apr 27 2014 04:36

Congrats to the King! Really impressive work.

Iduna Apr 27 2014 05:06

Congrats Kingdada

Epona Dernhelm Apr 27 2014 05:07


DSCMAN 4 Apr 27 2014 05:12

Congrats to You Kingdada!

NASCAR Fanatic Apr 27 2014 05:20

Three cheers for Kingdada! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Fred Flintstone Apr 27 2014 06:06

Congrats. Thou aren’t lazy. Godville shall reward thee.

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