Pantheons: Unlimited Edition

Godville, May 27 2012

Pantheons have been in the game since the early days and haven’t really changed a lot, so it’s time to shake them up! The pantheons have been reorganized into 3 big groups. “Short-term” pantheons only include players that have been active during the last five days, and have no hard limits. This should be especially interesting for the newcomers, as they will finally see some pantheon positions right away, instead of those depressing dashes. “Long-term” pantheons list all players and, due to the size limits, are much harder to get in, but once you do it should be more pleasing.

The third group is for guilds. Aside from the old Unity pantheon with its tricky ratings, this group now features two new pantheons: the pantheon of Popularity, which shows how famous the guilds are in the Godville towns, and the pantheon of Aggressiveness, which ranks guilds based on their duel accomplishments.

The new pantheon of Mastery shows how good your hero’s skills and equipment are compared to those of others. The Construction pantheon underwent some renovation as well. The gods with completed temples have been respectfully moved to their very own, newly created long-term pantheon of Templehood, boosting up the ratings for soon-to-be temple owners.

As the total number of pantheons has increased, so did the clutter in the pantheon snippet. To address this issue, the pantheons in which the hero has no active places are no longer shown on the hero and personal pages.

In PvP-related news, arena fights are now guaranteed to postpone skirmishes for at least 3 days. All duel fights now have a special link, which can be used to the share the duel chronicle with other gods. We’ve come up with at least 4 ways of using it and wonder how many uses you will find for it!

As you might have noticed, heroes have started to hear more interesting god voices in the last few weeks. Here is the next change in this area: highly-rated god voices will spread wider and may even bring some reward to their authors. So write thoughtfully, vote wisely and everyone will be happy!

Besides these new measures, there are a few more nice little features in this update, but we’ll leave it to you to discover and share them with others in the comments below.

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Septis May 27 2012 13:12

Awesome! This sounds like a great update. The new pantheons certainly give new incentive.

Kaname Madoka May 27 2012 13:14

Haha, I spent the last half hour looking at the new pantheons and wondering when a blog post like this would be up. Nice to see more updates so soon after the last! Hoping the in-game hints will now let newcomers know what things are actually ranked in pantheons, since their hero pages no longer list the ones they aren’t in?

OreoCrush May 27 2012 13:15

Good job devs!

WENCHIA 5 May 27 2012 13:47

Love the new improvements on the pantheons, especially for newcomers like us. Thanks, devs!

Bellegere 4 May 27 2012 14:02


Little Ghost 4 May 27 2012 14:10

I am loving the new pantheons. It’s a great idea to give newer players the chance to be involved sooner. Thanks

Belle15 May 27 2012 14:31

Wow! Great job, Devs! Thank you, too!!!

Xzzwxs 5 May 27 2012 15:25

I read the news today… Oh, boy. There are new pantheons to win in war.

Deprivus May 27 2012 15:28

Construction should be a long term pantheon. It takes most gods aboyt a year to complete it and get there ranking there so its absolutely long term. That and it being short term takes fame away from the first temple creators

Deprivus May 27 2012 15:32

Please ignore that last comment. Im blind _ Sorry, great update!

Zackrulez May 27 2012 16:20

Great new guild pantheons! I liked the new guild pages and this is a great next step in making guilds more important.

The Big Guy Upstairs May 27 2012 17:36

Nice job

Lord Surge May 27 2012 17:45

Thank you.

Thufirson May 27 2012 18:29

I noticed that when I check the profile pages of other gods, only the pantheons that I am a member of are shown for some reason. This is in Chrome and Firefox.

Other than that issue, Great update!! I love being able to watch friends duel in the arena, and the new pantheons are cool!!

I also appreciate the new mini-quest start notification in the Android client. Thanks for that one. :-)

Budapesties 5 May 27 2012 18:46

I am overjoy’d… NI Join the KWSN Today! hehe…

Delta493 6 May 27 2012 19:42

I’m with Thufirson. The fact that you can’t see the pantheons you’re not a part of is annoying. If someone has a slow computer/internet connection, (s)he probably doesn’t want to have to load a different pantheon’s page before the one (s)he wants to look at. Besides, it’s much more satisfying to see a number replace a dash than to have a new pantheon show up. Also, what about new hero(in)es that don’t have any placements yet? Their god(desse)s might not even know that pantheons exist, so when they finally get a place, they won’t be happy, just confused. Please change it back!

TheGourdGod 6 May 27 2012 23:09

I personally hated the dashes. I thought they were a waste of space and demeaning. I think it’s much better without them. And I actually think it is more exciting to have a new Pantheon show up then have it there all the time blank. It makes it more of an accomplishment. And now that the Pantheons have been extended dramatically, nearly every player should be in a Pantheon all the time, as you only need to have one brick to show up in the Pantheon of Construction. I think this was a fantastic and meaningful update from the devs and thank them for such a great change to the game!

The Steel One May 28 2012 02:40

Great job devs,with everything lately,thanks!!

Hopecelestegant May 28 2012 06:58


Bammaslamma May 28 2012 19:26

I love the new pantheons view!!! Good thinking! Love the game

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