Bold Meal

Godville, Jun 25 2024

How’s it going, dear deities? We’ve got another hodgepodge of heroism for your godly pleasure. Let’s dig in:

  1. Help is easier to find now — while in Godville mobile app, tap on what you’re curious about on the hero’s screen and select “What is it?” to open up a hint (currently works for about half of the stuff).
  2. Two brand-new, activatable “ads” are about to hit the newspaper. The first one is going to swap all potions for bold artifacts, and the second will set up a blind date for your hero with a monster on the wanted list.
  3. Speaking of wanted monsters: “a worthy reward” bounty now includes souls, assuming your hero is already collecting them.
  4. The My Ingenious Pieces section now lets you sort through your brilliance — whether it’s to admire what’s accepted, popular or ERed. Really handy if you have hundreds of submissions.

And now, after those appetizers, we’re set for the main course: new kind of pets. Let’s meet the latest addition to the pets roster: embolding ones!

No one knows what they really look like, but we are somehow sure they are chunky, big boned and proficient with typography. In practical terms, they could attract monsters carrying bold trophies. More importantly, they could occasionally turn your hero’s gear bold. And as you may recall, bold equipment has its own set of cool perks, making the heroes even more daring and irresistable.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick monsters of this new breed. A special Ideabox section is open for the next 48 hours — vote for the creatures you’d like to become the next pets. And if you got some other in-game monster suggestions, drop them in the “other” section, and we’ll add the intriguing ones to the vote. Then check back on Thursday to see the list of new pets that made the cut.

UPD: thanks for voting! Here is the list of new pets: Fat Cat (needs level 35+), Grease Monkey (55+), Legal Weasel (70+), Cinnaminion (90+), Wizaardvark (105+), Closet Monster (120+), Bear Minimum (135+), Optimus Slime (160+).

Comments (30)
WardPhoenix 5 Jun 25 2024 15:13

New things! Great!

Thegamerking777 4 Jun 25 2024 15:18

This explains the sections seen before this post.
Let’s see what this brings!

Master Khalif Jun 25 2024 15:51

New update means new stuff. New stuff means more fun. Bring it!

Recliner 4 Jun 25 2024 15:55

This is neat. Thanks, devs!

Dragon Orb Jun 25 2024 15:55

This is great news! Kudos on engaging the community as well! 👍

XoT3K 6 Jun 25 2024 16:11


Meingeshaft Jun 25 2024 16:15

Thanks. More Power to Godville Creators!

Augnoramous 6 Jun 25 2024 16:39


Foobar42 5 Jun 25 2024 16:42

Hip Hip Hurrah!

Thorbjoern 6 Jun 25 2024 16:53

A blind date with a wanted monster? Finally. After all these years my hero is on a date.

Diabetic Chicken 4 Jun 25 2024 17:22


Aleem Jun 25 2024 17:28


Nindyini Jun 25 2024 17:44

Thank you

Grumpy G Jun 25 2024 18:49

So cool!

Tot The Wise Jun 25 2024 19:36

Great! Thanks! Never where able to see what kind of bufs bold equipment could do. I knew there had buffs but never knew what ones out where to find that info on Android app! And new pets were long overdue :p

Somnambulara Re Vine 4 Jun 25 2024 20:16

Exciting news! A definite bonus!

Kathalysa Jun 25 2024 20:47

Yaaay thanks devs! My voting finger loves extra projects ☝️

Hyt4yhu 6 Jun 25 2024 21:36

Thanks Devs

Coolbp5 4 Jun 25 2024 22:54

Thank you devs!

Lovely Poetess Jun 25 2024 23:32

Thank you! ❤️

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