Holiday Special

Godville, Dec 20 2020

This extraordinary year is coming to an end and we can’t wait to bid farewell to it. So let’s start our traditional Christmas celebration early!

Lots of things are going on in Godville on holidays. The most notable ones are snowflakes ❄. They can be knocked out of monsters and holiday reindeers, fished out of frozen ponds and lakes or extracted from the godpower capacitor in Godville Times.

Why do you need to know all of this? Because snowflakes are cool and versatile. They can be sold for lots of gold. They can also be used as wildcards in the newspaper’s bingo game. Moreover, three or more of them could sometimes turn into a pinata-style snowman — a perfect opponent to our brave heroes.

And of course, the main dish — seasonal gifts. At this time of the year they are practically falling out from everywhere — monsters, snowmen, newspaper’s bingo, etc. Gifts can turn into things the hero is looking for, boost experience, replenish godpower or do good in some other way. Basically, gifts are great.

Finally, let’s not forget the very special town of Laplandville. Conveniently located next to Godville, this festive town is already preparing to welcome its customers with great offerings and a holiday mood. Oh, and Santa Clawses and Satan Clauses are back and ready to be tamed by the lucky ones.

The special is here to stay till January 2. Happy Holidays!

Comments (56)
NastyOne 4 Dec 20 2020 15:25

Thank you!

Germandan Dec 20 2020 15:27

Yippie! Thanks for all the efforts!

Alizii 4 Dec 20 2020 15:27

16:20 No fish in here, but lots of snow. Picked up a ❄ as a consolation prize.

Right when the Game News popped up. :D

Harbinger of War 4 Dec 20 2020 15:29

Thanks for starting early. Will take any good thing at this point no matter how big or small. As always thanks for the efforts.

Beausoleil 4 Dec 20 2020 15:31

Awesome! Thank you and happy holidays!

The Antipunk 5 Dec 20 2020 15:48

Happy holidays all!

TaiJuan 6 Dec 20 2020 15:52


Happy holidays to you, Devs! 🎄

Liberatum Dec 20 2020 15:54

Happy holidays everyone!

Blue Cat 6 Dec 20 2020 16:05

Happy holidays!

Hairplug4men 6 Dec 20 2020 16:06

Merry holidays and happy Christmas to all! Excited to see all that Godville has in store for 2021!!

Cleafus 6 Dec 20 2020 16:19

So long 2020! Good riddance.

Darkira Dec 20 2020 16:19

Excited for the holidays!

Cinisi 6 Dec 20 2020 16:29

Happy healthy holidays guys. And thx again devs!!

Ignis Pyrus 4 Dec 20 2020 16:31

Happy holidays to you all, have a good one!

Sophie The Woo 4 Dec 20 2020 16:38

Awesome update, thanks and happy holidays!!!

Afterall0 Dec 20 2020 16:56

! ⛄❄ !!!!! 🍷🍰📺🎂🎄🎁 !!!!!

Jimbob64 6 Dec 20 2020 16:57

Happy various holidays, everyone!

Dragon Rider 119 Dec 20 2020 17:53

Happy holidays everyone, bonuses and free gifts are always welcome, plus is fun waiting to see what they do, have fun everyone

Hershey Almighty 6 Dec 20 2020 18:01

Thanks you! Happy holidays!!!

Jeremyloss Dec 20 2020 18:15

happy holidays guys

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