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Godville, Jan 04 2019

The new year has just begun, yet we already have a few little things to share.

  1. Bounty givers decided to up the reward for wanted monsters in Godville Times. Handing over a proof of a wanted monster can now bring twice as much gold or even better: a wood log or a manimal. Also, these beasts should be a lot easier to come across, especially for a hero with an aura of hunting trail.
  2. Healing pets have learned a new trick. They can now help their masters to heal not only in travels, but in towns too.
  3. On guild leader elections. They will be a bit easier from now on – electing a candidate require 25% of votes (instead of 30% like it was before). There is also a new rule for big guilds: just 50 votes will be enough for election to succeed, which should a lot simpler.
  4. Finally, let’s welcome new varieties of side jobs. Now heroes can entertain themselves by collecting auras, trying on equipment or tracking their sleep.

You know GodWiki, aka Encyclopedia of Godville, right? Its written by players – just like you. An amazing community event going on there now:

January on the GodWiki will be a month-long content drive, dedicated to creativity and inspiration, centered around the topic of beer. It is organised by players for players, to encourage and celebrate creativity on the GodWiki.

If you enjoyed reading Godwiki articles (or better – thought about writing one) make sure to check it out.

Comments (28)
Scorpi0 4 Jan 04 2019 00:04

Thanks for the updates!

Holy Gary Jan 04 2019 00:07

can’t wait to finish my ark
thanks a lot!

Prismaurora Jan 04 2019 00:08

Ty guys keep up the good work!

Saltamontes Jan 04 2019 00:13

Love everything you do 😄🐙

Wawajabba 4 Jan 04 2019 00:17

How great is it that auras of hunting become better just when my heroine received one? As always, thanks for the amazing content!

Llamaking 6 Jan 04 2019 00:25

Does the Aura of Trail also still increase the spawn rate of Wanted Monsters or did the Aura of Hunting simply take that ability? Either way, always nice to see more updates!

Ginoraf3000 6 Jan 04 2019 00:25

Noice! Thanks ;) I like lick new update! 😛

Andrele 4 Jan 04 2019 00:26

Awesome news! Thank you🎉

Portico 6 Jan 04 2019 01:11

Awww…. lovely shout-out for those working on the wiki. Hooray for new stuff! 🐙🎈

Saturio 6 Jan 04 2019 02:06

Election related change is welcomed. Still looking for change in long term goals :P

NebulousOne 6 Jan 04 2019 02:20

Thank you for your work.

Cotzbalam 6 Jan 04 2019 02:50

There are healing pets?? O_o

Queenclaire Jan 04 2019 03:27

That sounds absolutely awesome! Great job again :) and yay for JANUWIKI!

Great Gloria Jan 04 2019 05:49

Thank you, O devs! You’ve done it. Again. 👍

Dogess 6 Jan 04 2019 05:58

Yay!! I love updates! Thanks!

Brihtnoth 4 Jan 04 2019 05:59

reads stuff and only remembers this part Celebrating beer! Yay!

Nabilou 4 Jan 04 2019 06:17

Definitely check out JanuWiki! You can help by both writing articles and reviewing them. There are prizes paid in God Charges as well! Just head to the Wiki front page to find a big yellow box with all the links you need!

Augnoramous 6 Jan 04 2019 07:23

As the Election Coordinator for Blue Feather, I could not be more excited about the election changes! Now I can play more and PM less during election season. Thx Devs!

Mrlvyna Jan 04 2019 09:18

@Brihtnoth, the same with me. “… beer…” – Beer?! Where? 😝

Anyway, it’s good to know that the rules of guilds elections are a lot easier. I thank in the name of the FlapJacks guild. We had a though time electing our leader, since we are a small guild.

Xeadriel Jan 04 2019 14:03


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