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Godville, Jan 04 2019

The new year has just begun, yet we already have a few little things to share.

  1. Bounty givers decided to up the reward for wanted monsters in Godville Times. Handing over a proof of a wanted monster can now bring twice as much gold or even better: a wood log or a manimal. Also, these beasts should be a lot easier to come across, especially for a hero with an aura of hunting trail.
  2. Healing pets have learned a new trick. They can now help their masters to heal not only in travels, but in towns too.
  3. On guild leader elections. They will be a bit easier from now on – electing a candidate require 25% of votes (instead of 30% like it was before). There is also a new rule for big guilds: just 50 votes will be enough for election to succeed, which should a lot simpler.
  4. Finally, let’s welcome new varieties of side jobs. Now heroes can entertain themselves by collecting auras, trying on equipment or tracking their sleep.

You know GodWiki, aka Encyclopedia of Godville, right? Its written by players – just like you. An amazing community event going on there now:

January on the GodWiki will be a month-long content drive, dedicated to creativity and inspiration, centered around the topic of beer. It is organised by players for players, to encourage and celebrate creativity on the GodWiki.

If you enjoyed reading Godwiki articles (or better – thought about writing one) make sure to check it out.

Comments (28)
Cheveyo 4 Jan 04 2019 18:29

Sweet changes! Keep up the great work and content!

Thorbjoern 4 Jan 04 2019 20:56

Hooray for the easier votes for big guilds!
Great news :)

Divinicus Mortalus 4 Jan 04 2019 23:38

Amazing work as always, thank you Godville Team!

Demteus Jan 05 2019 19:01

Looking for a guild join Monster Mash

The Almighty Snuff 4 Jan 07 2019 02:20

Have to say that the change from 30% to 25% for votes is much appreciated. It was the main talk of the update over in Amcw as we’re usually chasing people around for votes haha

DouBle2015 Jan 12 2019 13:40


Avaticus 4 Jan 21 2019 04:52

Sweet! This will really help out our little guild. If you’re looking for a place to call home, Minor Deities is recruiting!

Crimsoninvictus Jan 28 2019 13:06


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