Adventure Time

Godville, Aug 28 2017

New Guild Pantheon

The number of guilds in Godville is increasing, meanwhile the number of guild pantheons hasn’t changed much. Let’s welcome the new guild pantheon – the Pantheon of Adventure. It represents the love guilds and their heroes have to adventures under the ground and in the sea. Every dungeon or sail is rewarded with some points, regardless of the result. Successful campaigns yield more points and sails give more points than dungeons. Let’s see how the guilds succeed in their love of adventures.

Easy Sail Loot

Every elder sailor knows that sails have limited number of treasures, making finding one a bit complicated. From now on the seas will be more generous, spewing out various crates, caskets and small trunks. They are less valuable than the regular treasures, but a lot easier to stumble upon on an island or get out of a random beastie. (Meanwhile the heroes still remember what they are here for – treasure and manimals, so they will always make space for them when needed.) Long story short – now it’s much easier to bring something of value from the sea, even for ZPG-arks.

On another bright note: we’ve just finished going through the vast deposits of sea-related ideabox submissions and now there are hundreds of new phrases in the game.

UPD: The name of the pantheon was changed to Adventure. Thanks for the feedback!

Comments (51)
Cruz Angel Aug 28 2017 10:42

Wow! Great!

Mallorn 4 Aug 28 2017 10:45

Always love to read the newest update!

Genieva Aug 28 2017 10:48

Thank you very much!

Pyroseeker Aug 28 2017 10:49

Getting more Awesomeness! :)

Androgeos 4 Aug 28 2017 10:54

At a glance, no glaring errors to fix in this news update. That’s almost as remarkable as the new additions to the game.

Mythras of Arbor 6 Aug 28 2017 10:59

Yeeees! Guild Name will shine! :D

Weise Socke 5 Aug 28 2017 11:01

Awesome news, Thank you :)

Ginoraf3000 6 Aug 28 2017 11:05


Amrutha the immortal 4 Aug 28 2017 11:11

Nice update. Thanks

All4u 6 Aug 28 2017 11:17


All Mighty Joyce 6 Aug 28 2017 11:19

I knew you guys would come up with more great ideas. Thanks dev’s.

Enzuna 6 Aug 28 2017 11:20

Awesome. Thanks for the update!

Liska 5 Aug 28 2017 11:23

so slowly update, but thank you! its very beatiful

Child of the winds 4 Aug 28 2017 11:24

Seems awesome. Thanks admins, like always

Tuggernongy 6 Aug 28 2017 11:31

Awesome update! Looking forward to seeing the new sail content, and just how active the top guilds are ;)

Jimbob64 6 Aug 28 2017 11:33

Thank you, devs. These updates never seem to lose their power to perk this player right up.

Anubhavagrawal 4 Aug 28 2017 11:34

Divine forces took the chained crate and disassembled it without my permission. I should have known that there would be a dragonbreath mint, a sobering thought, a resurrection permit, a block of administratium, a holy smoke generator, a Darwin award, an eye of the beholder, 5058 gold coins and a log for the ark inside.

Dogess 6 Aug 28 2017 11:39

Love it! Thanks, devs! <3

Okidokidoc Aug 28 2017 11:40

Yippy yey! (^O^)v

Catsuda 4 Aug 28 2017 11:58

Only ~5 years to go before I can set sail, it sounds super exciting though!
I’m glad that this game still seems to get regular updates, shame it’ll take me so long to experience them though XD

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