Adventure Time

Godville, Aug 28 2017

New Guild Pantheon

The number of guilds in Godville is increasing, meanwhile the number of guild pantheons hasn’t changed much. Let’s welcome the new guild pantheon – the Pantheon of Adventure. It represents the love guilds and their heroes have to adventures under the ground and in the sea. Every dungeon or sail is rewarded with some points, regardless of the result. Successful campaigns yield more points and sails give more points than dungeons. Let’s see how the guilds succeed in their love of adventures.

Easy Sail Loot

Every elder sailor knows that sails have limited number of treasures, making finding one a bit complicated. From now on the seas will be more generous, spewing out various crates, caskets and small trunks. They are less valuable than the regular treasures, but a lot easier to stumble upon on an island or get out of a random beastie. (Meanwhile the heroes still remember what they are here for – treasure and manimals, so they will always make space for them when needed.) Long story short – now it’s much easier to bring something of value from the sea, even for ZPG-arks.

On another bright note: we’ve just finished going through the vast deposits of sea-related ideabox submissions and now there are hundreds of new phrases in the game.

UPD: The name of the pantheon was changed to Adventure. Thanks for the feedback!

Comments (51)
Derelict Red Aug 28 2017 12:12

This new pantheon is an eye sore. Adventury? Sounds and looks dumb for one, and another great way to pander to the players/guilds who already have the best of the game and also, brilliant money grab tactic for letting people visualize and estimate how much money cough charges they need to beat the next guild. Out of all the good suggestions about dungeons people have been putting in, this is what is decided on, some superficial decoration to make ark owners feel good about themselves? Have you recently thought about improving the game in an engaging, dynamic way which actually attracts new players and rewards innovation? But fine job stoking the elites and cash cows.

Juki Puki 6 Aug 28 2017 12:21

you would better make sea steps faster, they are tooooo slow…

Lady Baxter Turk 5 Aug 28 2017 12:39

Thanks! More options in the gameplay equals more variety. Ahoy Matey! ?

The Sock 4 Aug 28 2017 14:08

Goes to show you can’t please everybody all the time but you can please most of the people some of the time. Awesome update! Thank you for pandering to the people who make this game possible for everyone else to play :-) just joking but seriously thank you for keeping this game interesting for someone who has put six years of his life into it.

Vemego 4 Aug 28 2017 14:20

Now here as there. It remains only to grow up and go to the sea.

Thorbjoern 6 Aug 28 2017 14:24

runs out of his home with a Copy of the news and shouts something about goimg on an adventure

Seriously though. That seems like a nice addition for the pantheons. And i have a reason to try sailing again :)

Cinisi 6 Aug 28 2017 14:56

That’s great. Thanks for yet another awesome update!

Nyx of Darkness Aug 28 2017 15:03

Woohoo! A delight to spelunkers and sailors! Thank you Dev for another great addition to the game ❤️

Krohnos 4 Aug 28 2017 16:05

My dungeoness’s shall be pleased

God Nischal 4 Aug 28 2017 17:17

great. awesome update.

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Aug 28 2017 18:27

Not every English word sounds great with an extra ‘y’ at the end sadly. It seems a good way to encourage guild mates to sail or dungeon together though

Enzuna 6 Aug 28 2017 20:18

Good point Holy Spirit of Hell. Perhaps it could be renamed The Pantheon of Adventure instead? Still gets the point across and flows better.

Bimmy Tummers 4 Aug 28 2017 20:26


Augnoramous 6 Aug 28 2017 20:30

I like it! It’s fun and funny. That’s some great strategery by the devs. :)

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Aug 28 2017 20:40

Enzuna, all the others end in y too (but are actual words). It seems they wanted them all to sound the same. I’ve suggested the pantheon of journey since it ends in y, sort of fits with the others and is a real word.

Enzuna 6 Aug 28 2017 23:38

Holy Spirit of Hell, true, although I would say Pantheon of Adventuring or Pantheon of Journeying sounds smoother than either. Since the other pantheons don’t follow a strict naming scheme (-y or -ing or anything else) and there could be more pantheons in the future, I don’t think breaking the current guild scheme would be too bad either. That’s up to the devs of course, regardless I really like the idea. I kind of wish there was a personal one as well!

Aidan1906 6 Aug 29 2017 06:43

Sweet, putting my hero to work!

Portico 6 Aug 29 2017 07:14

Thanks for the update, Godville. And for giving me a renewed interest in sailing. I’m not sure what all the negative comments are about. There are 3 guilds in the top 10 with less than 40 members – and, honestly, that’s impressive. Nice to see recognition given to devoted dungeoneers and sailors. Whether you pay, or not, love the new pantheon name, or not… we should all just be thankful that this game is alive and well. Because I’m sure we can all agree that it’s not our pantheon standings that keep us coming back – it’s the wonderful community. Much love, GV. Thanks again. <3

IgneousMagnus Aug 29 2017 08:07
Nice additions to the game. This new pantheon is greatly welcomed. Godville is getting better and better every time. NI
Saturio 6 Aug 29 2017 08:59

With all those useless ‘baskets’, we get less supplies, fixes and GPs. Sailing is actually MORE DIFFICULT for active players.

What a money eating tactic…

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