Billion Little Things

Godville, Apr 27 2016

There’ve been some small improvements here and there recently, so we tried to make a list. Grab a chair and let’s read, shall we?


  1. Warning icons pop out on the map when group is near to a boss (except when a cell has “!” mark and dungeons of Clarity).
  2. Learn more about dungeon room by tap & holding a map call (require app update) or hovering the mouse over it.
  3. Direction voices can be send by tapping on the map (this can also be used to re-send a direction command within the same turn in case of mis-tap or an error).
  4. Duel start notification whenever a group fights a boss.
  5. Low health notifications now work only when in duel/dungeon.
  6. Dungeons should now be more VoiceOver/TalkBack friendly on phones.


  1. Sail map zoom (pinch gesture on phones and a bunch on new zooming/positioning controls on a PC).
  2. Tap & holding (on mobile) a map cell or hovering it (on PC) shows distance to it.
  3. Tap & holding / hover own cell shows distance to the port.
  4. Tap & holding / hover others’ arks show their stats and contents of their hold (requires app update).
  5. Treasure location hints are marked with same color within one group. Different groups are colored in the “rainbow order” (“Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain”).
  6. Tapping on a distance hints shows the area where a treasure could be.
  7. The map now has three rings of buoys to make it easier to estimate where the ark is without seeing the whole map.

Forum Topic Subscriptions

Subscribe to the topics you like and have them all in one place. Here you can catch up with what happened, jump right into a thread or read all new stuff at one single page (make sure to tap “mark as read” when you done reading). Also you can enable/disable push notifications on any of your subscribed topics.

PC (web browser) version features

  1. WebPush. Now you can receive push notifications in your web browser to alert you on your hero stats changes, friend messages, guild council and forums. These notifications are opt-in, so if you want to receive them, open the hero’s page settings, enable WebPush and check the options you want (supported on Chrome 50+ and Firefox 44+).
  2. Central column on the hero page is now resizable by dragging the arrows next to it (with custom width setting for the sail mode, so you can make the map bigger if your screen allows it).
  3. Dungeon screen now has its own layout setting, which means you can put the map into the center column (and Control on the side) and it will stay that way when you’re in a dungeon.
  4. Allies block now also include godnames, names of the allies-guildmates are written in italic and the text there will try adjust font-size automagically to fit into one line.
  5. New Win/Loss popup, with recent duels/dungeons/sail info.
  6. Third Eye now looks like an eye. Also, it can now show the number of unread entries.
  7. A click on the new messages or Guild Council indicators will open all unread conversations instantly.
  8. Auto-scroll in messages / Guild Council should be less annoying.
  9. New keyboard shortcuts for those who like to do things fast:
    • Alt+T – opens Third Eye;
    • Alt+V – focus on god voice field;
    • Alt+G – opens Guild Council window;
    • Alt+U – opens message windows for all unread messages;
    • Esc – closes currently open secondary window (third eye, last voices, messages, etc).

Most of these changes are already available, but some will require an app update (updates are already submitted to the stores and will become available according to the stores’ policies). All these changes don’t affect game mechanics, probabilities, outcomes, etc.

Most of these UI tweaks are direct result of the feedback from players received over time (in some cases – very long time). So, if you have any ideas, improvements or bug reports don’t hesitate to send them via Ideabox, idea/bug/other or this forum topic.

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Skipo Apr 27 2016 11:43
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PC (web browser) version features Thank you!

Desiderio Apr 27 2016 11:48
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Your latest tweaks improved greatly the convenience on playing, thank you!

Jimbob65 Apr 27 2016 12:09
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Thank you very much, Godville. Your dedication tomaking the game better all the time shines through – I can’t think of another game parody where the developers just keep finding ways to make it nicer, be they large or small.

The Mighty Stang Apr 27 2016 12:26
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Kudos to the Devs for maintaining their high standards with yet another player-centered update!

Dogess Apr 27 2016 13:50
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Holy cow, so many things!! Thanks bunches!

Okidokidoc Apr 27 2016 14:09
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Excellent! :-)

Delta493 Apr 27 2016 15:44
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Your “automagically” is now my favorite portmanteau. Thank you.

High king of undies Apr 27 2016 16:34
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Awesome update!

Bust It Baby Apr 27 2016 18:36
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I’m absolutely loving all these new updates! You guys keep on making the game better and better, even to someone like me who has been playing for a long, long time!

Charon Apr 27 2016 23:58
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Can we subscribe to a God, I.e. Get notified whenever xxx posts regardless of the thread?

TheEndIsNigh Apr 28 2016 04:59
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Thank you! Being able to subscribe to threads is fantastic!

Ella Guru Apr 28 2016 05:27
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awesomazing! thank you, you higher beings!

Holocene Apr 28 2016 09:08
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The Divines truly care about us! Hooray! Praise the Sun!

AdamShi Apr 29 2016 00:03
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Nice work on the updates! Thank you!

The sailing hint groupings are especially nice. I couldn’t keep track at all after the first 6 started popping up all over the sea.

Any chance the boss hints, when eliminated from being a possibility, could be removed from the map? They really clutter up the map when you drive around and pinpoint the boss but all the warnings remain.

Aljian Apr 29 2016 09:11
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Hmm… I already noticed the subcriptions stuff. Eh, nice feature tho, cuz now I don’t have to continuously scroll to find the forums I’m looking for!

Holy Spirit of Hell Apr 29 2016 17:50
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Another nice update! Thanks again!

Divine Mdm Pancakes May 03 2016 21:19
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Beautiful updates! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Mr-Master May 09 2016 16:45
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Goddess iliana May 23 2016 13:15
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Awesome! Love this game.

Qisha May 29 2016 05:25
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Haven’t checked the update yet but I’m excited! Thank you! You guys are awesome!!

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