Multicolored Dungeons

Godville, Dec 03 2013

Greetings, Godville gods! Are you ready for some good news?

Let’s start with spelunking. To make tedious underground explorations more exсiting heroes can now end up in special named dungeons, ones that have certain aura-like effects. This effect can do something nice, not very nice or just strange and fun. Pay attention to the introduction phrase at the beginning of expedition to know what the effect does.

In the effort of streamlining the Remote Control, the “Send to Arena” action now requires only 50% of godpower, just like the other options in close proximity. In the meantime, not finding a duel opponent still guarantees a consolation prize. One more note about the “Challenge a Friend” option: from now on, winners of imaginary sparring fights will be rewarded with 1% of real experience (only once in 24 hours), which is infinitely better than it was before.

Some other nice news:

  1. The long overdue update of the earthly news finally brought us more than five hundred of new entries. Yay!
  2. Lightning (or any other punishment) are now more likely to melt gold coins into a brick. After all, high temperatures are obviously better for this than sweet encourages or sending flowers.
  3. Godville Windows Phone app has been updated with support of new color themes, making it as fancy as Godville apps on other mobile platforms. Make sure to install the update and enjoy all colors of the rainbow!
Comments (25)
Light healp mooge Dec 03 2013 09:21

Ty guys

Dogess 6 Dec 03 2013 09:21

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Love it! Can’t wait to go spelunking and see what the new stuff is. And 50% to arena is just plain awesome! Y’all ROCK!

Deadbeef0x Dec 03 2013 09:26

Great news.this update rocks.

Kaam Dev Dec 03 2013 09:32

Hmm… Update must not be complete. Still have my Earthly News’ in purgatory.

Vikram Dinesh 6 Dec 03 2013 09:43

Updated to the new Windows Phone app yesterday and the themes are brilliant.

Kingdada 6 Dec 03 2013 09:57

“Welcome to a Crypt of Anti-influence. Magic and influences don’t work in this place because of a spell . There are passages in all directions.

xxxxx tries to influence, having forgotten about anti-divine coating on the walls.

The Octagon 4 Dec 03 2013 10:17

Cue all heroes without temples turning evil…

Dante Leonidas 6 Dec 03 2013 10:20

I can’t wait to test out the new dungeons! Thanks for the update devs!

Lyme 4 Dec 03 2013 10:55

Yay, I love dungeons. I’m so excited that they’ve already gotten better!

Bad Fish Dec 03 2013 11:05

I am super excited for a VC dungeon run and new ideas…. Keep it up.

Hershey Almighty 6 Dec 03 2013 13:00

Things were already pretty exciting, but more exciting is always better! :) All-in-all, great changes to existing fun & exciting features! What would send the game over the top would be artifacts producing gopher wood or some kind of remote action producing them! ;) Thanks Devs!

Deus Kai Dec 03 2013 13:18

Sounds fun XD

Dio patre Dec 03 2013 14:36

Thanks to our dear ingeneers for constantly make our Godland better! !!

Dio patre Dec 03 2013 14:48

Thanks also to all the Gods that constantly send their magnificent ideas! !!

Lord Surge Dec 03 2013 15:51

As Always, very nice! Thank you.

Oxy428 Dec 03 2013 16:01

Loving the windows phone color updates! Thanks! :)

Omg I Am God 4 Dec 03 2013 16:47

Looking forward to the new color schemes and dungeons, thanks devs!

The Big Guy Upstairs Dec 03 2013 17:27


Artsonian 6 Dec 03 2013 17:42

Question …. someone commented here about anti-magic dungeon. Does that apply to the boss fights as well, or just while dungeon-wandering?

Artsonian 6 Dec 03 2013 18:21

Oops, totally forgot to say ….. THANKS!!!!! For continuously making this game ever more creative and fun, not trying to hold non-payers hostage (which makes me more inclined to pay), and for just being the best gosh-darned game devs ever!!!

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