Multicolored Dungeons

Godville, Dec 03 2013

Greetings, Godville gods! Are you ready for some good news?

Let’s start with spelunking. To make tedious underground explorations more exсiting heroes can now end up in special named dungeons, ones that have certain aura-like effects. This effect can do something nice, not very nice or just strange and fun. Pay attention to the introduction phrase at the beginning of expedition to know what the effect does.

In the effort of streamlining the Remote Control, the “Send to Arena” action now requires only 50% of godpower, just like the other options in close proximity. In the meantime, not finding a duel opponent still guarantees a consolation prize. One more note about the “Challenge a Friend” option: from now on, winners of imaginary sparring fights will be rewarded with 1% of real experience (only once in 24 hours), which is infinitely better than it was before.

Some other nice news:

  1. The long overdue update of the earthly news finally brought us more than five hundred of new entries. Yay!
  2. Lightning (or any other punishment) are now more likely to melt gold coins into a brick. After all, high temperatures are obviously better for this than sweet encourages or sending flowers.
  3. Godville Windows Phone app has been updated with support of new color themes, making it as fancy as Godville apps on other mobile platforms. Make sure to install the update and enjoy all colors of the rainbow!
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Budapesties 5 Dec 03 2013 18:23

To bad they don’t retroactively apply these changes, people like me and HP with coach 1st would be much further along in might. Also all the premium GP us frequent gladiators used, seems to just be lost. I like the changes but it seems almost entirely unfair for the people who actually “play” and have played. Almost feel like there should be some retribution.

Artsonian 6 Dec 03 2013 20:07

With all due respect, Buda, that can be said about most game changes. What about all the money I spent trying to get a rez before digs’n’dungeons gave out so much bonus gold, or how much earlier-templed folks lost before Savings was instituted? Even the templing process is much easier (and therefore cheaper) then it was when I was a wee little deity. I guess we just have to roll with the punches, and tell all these young whippersnappers what life was like back in the day, when we had to haul our dead (they don’t even die anymore!) pet five miles through the snow, uphill both ways, until we could find a priest to resurrect the carcass. ;-)

Thyme Dec 03 2013 22:36

Maybe for temple owners (of any alignment) instead of a chance to make a gold brick out of coins, those coins could be put into Savings instead, so it’s not a total loss? I can’t come up with a way for it to turn into gopher wood that makes sense, or I’d suggest that instead. ;-) For temple owners that are evil, having punishment melt gold into bricks is counterproductive in every respect. Just trying to think of a way to help out the old timers & not just the newer players. :-D

Iduna Dec 15 2013 21:23

Art you totally make me laugh when i started i made my first dead pet a Phoenix i expected to have a whole flock of them but i only have one

Jimbob65 6 Dec 20 2013 21:16

Loving the dungeon changes. The comment may be late, but no less sincere for it. Keep up the awesome changes! —about the sudden reduction in arena send gp, anyone who complains about that I can’t say I understand. The point seems to me, to be “for those who voted ideabox before it was cool, Arena is essentially a free action now that prayer can guarantee 50% gp or more.” Thank you.

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