Most Wanted

Godville, Mar 29 2012

The never ending influx of strong monsters is calling for some countermeasures! Authorities have come up with a new initiative for controlling the rising population of beasts – every day they will publish a reward for two WANTED monsters in the Godville Times newspaper. Everyone who hunts down one of these can claim their prize in the nearest town. In other newspaper news: the items listed in “Buy and Sell” section now can really be sold for much more than they are usually worth.

Some recent developments in the “rankings and measurements” area have brought us a brand new pantheon – the Pantheon of Survival! It ranks the most successful monster-slayers who also happen to have some decent survival skills. Rumor has it that these mystery boxes will be all the rage for their ability to remove death records…

A small, yet important change for arena duels – from now on, if you send your hero to the arena and he didn’t find an opponent, you can send him again after just one hour, instead of four hours like it was before.

A bunch of tech news: players on the Google Chrome browser can now receive nice popup notifications on various heroic events, similar to notifications in our mobile apps. The feature is disabled by default and can be enabled in the hero page settings. If you’re using Chrome (other browsers don’t support this yet) be sure to check it out.

The new version of our Android app has just been released (v3.2) and it features Google Cloud to Device messaging transport (C2DM) support for remote notifications. This should make hero status notifications work on some devices where they didn’t work before and improve battery life as well. C2DM is the new default (on supported devices). The old notification transport can still be enabled using the “Alternative Transport” option in the Notification Settings.

Finally, a few words on all those 502 errors we’ve been having recently. In our continuing glitch-fighting efforts, we’ve just pushed a big Godville-wide update that should make all things run a bit more smoothly. There could be some side effects, though, so if you manage to run into something that stopped working please report it here.

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Budapesties 5 Mar 29 2012 15:54

Awesome hope the server hamster updates, help him turn that wheel much more efficiently. NI!

Zoson Mar 29 2012 16:00

I can’t seem to find the referenced chrome popup settings in the hero page settings.

Devildog Mar 29 2012 16:12

Refresh your window. Worked for me. Ni!

Devildog Mar 29 2012 16:14

Also forgot to say, it is under the page settings. Ni!

Phantaztix Mar 29 2012 16:29

Great, now I have to download Chrome at work just to try it. Ok, twist my arm. Ni!

Kyrin Mar 29 2012 16:32

Love the new notifications on Chrome! :D And kudos on the “trivial” changes to the arena. Finally!

Zoson Mar 29 2012 16:42

Working now. Had to clear browsing data in chrome settings and restart the browser.

Oh Great Horror Mar 29 2012 17:23

Oh, so sweet. Activated my heroine’s Kill Switch to kill a Multi-legged Luggage before I even knew it was wanted, and she received a gold brick for its head when she got back to town. Later, I activated my heroine’s Deus ex Machina, and it reduced her death count. Ah, it’s good to be a god.

Wappo Mar 29 2012 22:24

Nice guys! Appreciate the work ^^.

Trentos Mar 30 2012 00:04

Fantastic news! Ni!

T A U R U S Mar 30 2012 01:48

I’m digging the new updates! Nice work! We appreciate your hard work and continued creative development.

Moutas Mar 30 2012 04:22

I walked into town. Shot a guard and took off yelling “I hope the squirrles don’t find my stache!” What’s that all about?

Anonymus Mar 30 2012 05:55

Love this game! Ni!

MegaMarv Mar 30 2012 06:30

Love seeing Ni! Ni!

Katniss Everdeen1 Mar 30 2012 11:50


Cosmie Mar 30 2012 12:25

Very math!

JaneDeaux Mar 30 2012 19:22

Love. It. Kingish Rules

Stonerman Mar 30 2012 22:50

Alas, godville improves again! I thabk you godville and all who report glitches! :D

Toyosatomimi No Miko Mar 31 2012 05:14

I like the idea on the wanted monsters but how does the hero claim their prizes in towns?

Chris the One Mar 31 2012 13:22

Yes how do you claim your prize?

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