Once upon a time

Godville, Aug 23 2011

Since the beginning of time, all heroes carried around strange chronicles on their personal page. They were reluctant to fill them in, preferring to leave this task to their gods. Other gods were able to vote for the writings, using star ratings at the bottom of the page, but it wasn’t clear why they should. Let’s finally make some sense of it all by opening up the Pantheon of Storytellers – a place to discover the best chronicles of Godville.

More good news for our honored temple owners: in their yearning for golden bricks, heroes will once again obtain them as rewards for completing quests, winning in arena duels, etc. But since the temple is finished, bricks will go directly into the hero’s inventory as very expensive items, making them even richer, which could be especially useful for reviving a pet or converting the gold coins into experience.

And lastly, our Android app (update to Amazon AppStore is pending) has recently been updated to support the Third Eye and Facebook authentication. If you haven’t got it yet, now it’s a good time to do so!

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Superclaire Returns Aug 23 2011 11:17


ViSM Aug 23 2011 11:30


Spode Aug 23 2011 11:37

The storytellers pantheon isnt fair. Someone with 1 vote of 5 stars would beat someone with 100 votes and an average of 4 stars. There shold be a rating which takes account of bboth number of vvotes and average rating

Masse Aug 23 2011 12:13

Seems like you need at least 10 votes to get on the list..

Deprivus Aug 23 2011 14:31

I like the new pantheon but it feels like a troll can easily ruin your rank by justs 1 starring you without even reading or caring

Templarman Aug 24 2011 07:02

It’s funny I just started getting more involved with the chronicles. I hope they have some kind of auditing system to see abuse.

Saphanon Aug 24 2011 08:13

I like this! Yay :)

Maria Moo Aug 31 2011 01:46


Sheisme33 Aug 31 2011 10:25

First hour with this.. I dont know what to do… Connie

Bobbyb96 Sep 01 2011 02:26

This is my first time using this

Big5hit Sep 08 2011 03:23

only if people wouldn’t use their phone, wifes phone, kids phone AND ipod this might be decent

CHoover94 Oct 05 2011 16:05

I got a golden brick for completing a quest last week, but when i checked my bricks, the percentage was the same. What’s up with that?

Prymevil Oct 25 2011 17:27

Check out the chronicles of Max Intensity lemme kno what you think

WayAboveYou Feb 17 2012 03:54

I am so lost

Vickie J 88 4 Mar 23 2012 23:16

Shameless self promotion. I am trying to get on the Pantheon of Storytellers. Please read my hero’s chronicles. Thank you.

Vickie J 88 4 Mar 24 2012 22:06

I am on the Pantheon of Storytellers. Woo Hoo! Thank you very much!

Taquitos May 08 2012 03:44

I too shall self-promote! Please ready chronicles. Thanks!

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