Godville, Jan 31 2024

Greetings, dear deities! We have some news to advertise to you.

Massive Content Update
It’s that time of the year again when we spend weeks in the piles of Ideabox submissions, looking for the best ones. And today we’ve added lots of new content – nearly a thousand pieces! That includes hundreds of new quests, monsters, artifacts, and earthly news. Big shoutout to all the authors and ER-editors for their work and dedication — and another thank you for your patience.

Activatable Newspaper Ads
Real world newspapers are so old school, hardly anyone reads them anymore. Here though it’s a whole different story — Godville Times has lots of nice thingies for a bored god to fiddle with. And now there are even more reasons to check it out – the newspaper ads are now actually usable!

Every day, Godville Times will feature an ad that can be activated, influencing a hero in some controversial and often unique way. It doesn’t need godpower, but make sure to read the ad. For example, you could instantly get rid of tribbles — along with all your loot. Or cancel a nasty side job for a wallet. Depending on the situation, these ads could either be harmful or really helpful, so choose the right moment to activate them — or just wreak havoc in your champions’ life.

Speaking of ads — we’re happy to note that the game is still free of real ads! Huge thanks to all supporting us players for making it possible.

Comments (54)
Thorbjoern 6 Jan 31 2024 15:06

Ooohhh new stuff :D

Ragnarokl Jan 31 2024 15:31


Wawajabba 4 Jan 31 2024 15:43

Awesome! I like these ads much better :p

Foobar42 5 Jan 31 2024 15:47

Awesome! No doubt my hero and I will fall prey to a newspaper ad. Can’t wait!

Eris 23 Jan 31 2024 16:10

I just click everything!

Jimbob64 6 Jan 31 2024 16:17

Neat idea with the newspaper. We can all support the “ads for heroes, not for gods” platform and be happy this is one of those very rare games that’s continually updated while also not being pay walled or full of pop-ups.

NebulousOne 6 Jan 31 2024 16:19

Ahhh, once again, the narrative and storytelling 📖 is getting more interesting and suspenseful! I still love to read the newspaper 📰 and check out the adds for deals! 😁😄😮😱 Alright, click bait! Bring it on!

Meat Glacier Jan 31 2024 17:53

You love to see it! Thank you for the content, Godville team! ♥️

Hershey Almighty 6 Jan 31 2024 18:26

I was a bit worried when I saw “ad” in the heading 😅 Huge thanks for not having ads!!! One of the many reasons this game is so awesome! 🥰
Looking forward to try the new features!

Whitechiner Jan 31 2024 20:24

It’s been 7 years and I still don’t understand how this game works. Thank you for your continued support

Brinjal 6 Jan 31 2024 21:33

Another update? Always welcome! I’ll enjoy looking for useful newspaper ads and thinking of new ones to submit to the ideabox!

Thirteenth Flower 4 Jan 31 2024 22:17

Wooo new update! I don’t have as much time anymore for Godville… but what’s great is I’m finally playing the game as intended!

King Cheese Tenth Jan 31 2024 22:28

godville gave us another great update as usual !!

Artsonian 6 Jan 31 2024 23:16

Best kind of ads! ;-) Thanks for continuing to put out what has been my longest commitment yet — 12.5 years and still actively with my hero. As always, y’all rock!!!

Talissa 6 Jan 31 2024 23:57


Raven 6 Feb 01 2024 00:55

You all are the best!

ArraTheMighty Feb 01 2024 01:57

Amazing work!

Sophie The Woo 4 Feb 01 2024 03:25

Thank you ! 🌻🌻🌻

Immortal Condor Feb 01 2024 05:34

Thank you for the nice update

Suzy G 5 Feb 01 2024 09:25

Thank you

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