Godville, Jan 31 2024

Greetings, dear deities! We have some news to advertise to you.

Massive Content Update
It’s that time of the year again when we spend weeks in the piles of Ideabox submissions, looking for the best ones. And today we’ve added lots of new content – nearly a thousand pieces! That includes hundreds of new quests, monsters, artifacts, and earthly news. Big shoutout to all the authors and ER-editors for their work and dedication — and another thank you for your patience.

Activatable Newspaper Ads
Real world newspapers are so old school, hardly anyone reads them anymore. Here though it’s a whole different story — Godville Times has lots of nice thingies for a bored god to fiddle with. And now there are even more reasons to check it out – the newspaper ads are now actually usable!

Every day, Godville Times will feature an ad that can be activated, influencing a hero in some controversial and often unique way. It doesn’t need godpower, but make sure to read the ad. For example, you could instantly get rid of tribbles — along with all your loot. Or cancel a nasty side job for a wallet. Depending on the situation, these ads could either be harmful or really helpful, so choose the right moment to activate them — or just wreak havoc in your champions’ life.

Speaking of ads — we’re happy to note that the game is still free of real ads! Huge thanks to all supporting us players for making it possible.

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Caphook 6 Feb 01 2024 12:51

Amazing! Thank you!

Makonlyd Feb 01 2024 14:14

Thank you for all that you do!

Fransiscus Feb 01 2024 14:21

What a great update. Many thanks for all these years of bringing a smile to my face.

Best game of the century! 👍🙏🎉🥳

Bust It Baby 6 Feb 01 2024 22:15

Love the new update! Thanks!

God Of Software Feb 02 2024 01:05

Nice 👍

Nightfall Z 5 Feb 02 2024 02:25

I love this! Thank you.

Augnoramous 6 Feb 02 2024 06:03

Fun! looking forward to the newspaper ads and running over to see if any of my ideas made it!

Stephiiaxxo Feb 03 2024 08:13


Turrin Toorinbarr 4 Feb 04 2024 14:29

The guild GOD SQUAD is thankful for all the hard work you do! GOD SQUAD FOREVER!!!!

Coolbp5 4 Feb 06 2024 02:06

Thank you devs! Sounds fun!

Ceraon Feb 09 2024 05:26


Amunet522 Feb 14 2024 08:21

Thanks for adding small joy to my life

Psyscicyclic 6 Feb 20 2024 12:26

Like this new feature

Octojellypus Feb 24 2024 13:45

Sweat can’t wait to start putting my heroes through hell and back literally

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