Happy Holidays

Godville, Dec 21 2023

Hey there, divine beings!

The holiday season is upon us, but first let’s talk about a new feature for guilds: town headquarters.

If your guild has at least 3% popularity in any town, the guild leader has the power to choose one of Godville’s towns as the guild base. The town will be proudly displayed on the guild page, providing several bonuses: influences and wonders there will give more popularity, and guild popularity perks will be slightly better. Extra little thing: all heroes visiting the town will occasionally mention its guilds HQs in their diaries.

There is a caveat β€” the effects of the HQ will decrease if there are many guilds in the same town. So it might be better to keep an eye on the competitors for a few days and choose a less crowded settlement. For more information on HQs see your guild election page while there is still a guild leader in charge.

Alright, the boring stuff is over, let’s dive into the holiday festivities! Godville is all set for celebration, just look at all of these sweets:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for the enchanting snowflakes ❄️. These can be obtained in many ways: defeating monsters, catching reindeers 🦌, fishing out of frozen ponds or using the Godville Times godpower capacitor.
  • Snowflakes are versatile. They can be traded for gold. They serve as wildcards in the newspaper bingo game. And if a hero collects enough snowflakes, they may build a snowman and bravely defeat it to claim its presents.
  • Prepare for holiday gifts! These delightful things can be looted here and there. Activate them for free and enjoy the sweet rewards they offer. Here’s a tip: each bingo extraction guarantees an instant gift.
  • Don’t miss out on the festive town of Laplandville, located right next to Godville.
  • Santa Clawses and Satan Clauses have returned to Godville, so hunt them for presents. With a stroke of luck, you might have the opportunity to tame them.
  • The special holiday-themed side jobs are both fun and easy to complete. Also your champion can stumble upon rare holiday POIs that offer extra rewards.
  • Lastly, if you possess the Dungeon Forge, spread some holiday cheer by placing a Christmas tree in your dungeon, allowing spelunking heroes to stumble upon it and receive presents.

The celebration will continue until January 2, so there is plenty of time to enjoy it. Happy Holidays!

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Therunespectre 6 Dec 21 2023 19:49

I love this game at Xmas, so many treats! Also just Forged a dungeon and added a πŸŽ„ Come get your prezzies! 🎁
Ho ho ho πŸŽ…

Anubits εΊ™ Dec 21 2023 23:55

Super, thank you!

Raven 6 Dec 22 2023 01:23

Thanks for the treats! Happy Holidays to all!

Sophie The Woo 4 Dec 22 2023 01:29

Thanks for the excellent update!

The Almighty Snuff 4 Dec 22 2023 05:30

Thank you and happy holidays!

Blackwhite Plasticene εΊ™θˆŸη•œ Dec 22 2023 06:32

Oh yeah! HQ towns at last!
Good job, way to go, folks

Augnoramous 6 Dec 22 2023 08:34


Brinjal 6 Dec 22 2023 10:46

I love the sound of guild HQs! Happy holidays and thanks for new content, devs!

Turrin Toorinbarr 4 Dec 22 2023 10:55

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year everyone! Thank you developers and everyone at GOD Ville and not to mention all the gods and their heros out their! I thank them and we all thank you! GOD SQUAD FOREVER!!!

Mental vision 5 Dec 26 2023 00:38

Thank you Michael for all that you do for us

Orgm 4 Jan 01 2024 04:59

Happy new year everyone~

Hyt4yhu 6 Jan 03 2024 08:50

Happy ❄️ everyone

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