Trick and Treats

Godville, Oct 28 2023

Dear deities, we’re back again! This time with a few tricks and a whole bunch of treats.

New Activatables
Please welcome two new activatable trophies, which are possibly long overdue. The first one sends heroes to dungeons, and the second one sends to sail. And activation is completely free, which is always nice.

Unlike arenalin, though, these activatables will only work if the adventure is not on a timeout. And, naturally, the hero needs to have a temple (for dungeons) or an ark (to sail), otherwise activation won’t do much.

There is a little something for those building temples too: enlightening bolt and similar kill-or-melt activatables now produce gold bricks at a discount, for only 2000 gold.

Another nice little feature: in the Robbery dungeons, you can now see total gold at stake right at the beginning of the run.

Content Revoting
We try to keep the game texts in good shape — that’s why we do a spring cleaning event every year. This time, we wanted to go a bit further and get your feedback on the existing in-game content.

So every day, in four Ideabox sections — monsters, artifacts, quests, and equipment — you’ll see a few entries from the game. Take a fresh look at them and use your vote to support or oppose their presence. Don’t worry, they won’t disappear right away — but at some point we’ll look at the results and maybe get rid of something that’s been significantly disliked.

Halloween Special
Finally, let’s talk about the special event! For the next few days pay attention to Halloween treats, which are a lot:

  • undead monsters — these abominations need to be killed twice to get special loot like…
  • glowing pumpkins — you can activate them and get lots of useful things, from bricks to souls
  • pumpkinized trophies — they’re so colorful and rich that traders value them a lot
  • colossal beastie in every sail — so huge that you can see it right from the start
  • Ghost Town — located at 13th milestone and covered in fog so much, it censors stuff in hero’s diary

Enjoy the spookiness!

Comments (37)
Foddergod 4 Oct 28 2023 15:04

Great stuff, thanks!

Ginoraf3000 6 Oct 28 2023 15:09

Noice! Yah new content! 🎉🎃

Torenia 5 Oct 28 2023 15:09

That’s great! Thanks!

Ab-Ashanti 4 Oct 28 2023 15:22

Always enjoy the updates AND the effort they take! Thanx!!

Awesomeness Fawn 5 Oct 28 2023 15:37

Thanks! You guys are great

Stickyorder 6 Oct 28 2023 15:39

Great additions, as always. Thank you!

Talissa 6 Oct 28 2023 15:44

Awesome, thanks!

NebulousOne 6 Oct 28 2023 15:44

Thanks! I’ll keep a lookout for the undead and especially those 👻🎃 Halloweenies! 😀👋

Cham Almighty 6 Oct 28 2023 16:01

Thank you for the fun seasonal additions!

Donald Mac Ronald 4 Oct 28 2023 16:18

Very spooky

Mental vision 5 Oct 28 2023 16:27

Thank you GV Devs. I know it may seem like the God players aren’t as grateful for all that you do for us but I guarantee we all do appreciate you. Most of us enjoy you letting us help be as creative as we can with our ideas and constructive criticisms. We or most of us, want to help make this game fun and addictive for everyone who plays it. I hope you are still having fun, developing your creation and don’t give up on us like everybody else does. lol

Hairplug4men 7 Oct 28 2023 16:38

More amazing updates from our friendly neighborhood developers. Keep up the good work

Wanamingo 4 Oct 28 2023 17:05


Lilith25 4 Oct 28 2023 17:24

Thanks again Devs.

The Darklurker 4 Oct 28 2023 18:34

Too spoopy for me

WardPhoenix 5 Oct 28 2023 18:38


Neti the Gatekeeper 6 Oct 28 2023 19:06

Awesome, thank you for all you’ve done!

Bibliophile 4 Oct 28 2023 19:14

Thanks for the seasonal update!

Thirteenth Flower 4 Oct 28 2023 19:39

Ahhhh yay!

Thorbjoern 6 Oct 28 2023 20:44

Happy Halloween

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