Pack Pets and More

Godville, Sep 30 2022

Greetings, dear gods and goddesses! Once again, we’re glad to be back with some news.

New Kind of Pets
As you know, the wildlife of Godville is under constant evolution. We are happy to present the latest development: pack pets.

Pack pets have some unique qualities. Obviously, they help heroes to carry more stuff (more when pet levels up). Secondly, a hero with extra space can buy more healing potions for upcoming travels. Thirdly, such pet can carry extra proof of killing a wanted monster, so a hero can defeat two wanted monsters in one trip. (Btw, somewhat abstract “proof of a wanted monster death” is now known as a “hide of wanted monster”.)

Here is the cool thing – you all can choose the monsters that will become pack pets. For the next 24 hours, cast your vote here or send in your suggestion via Ideabox->Monster. In 3 days we will update this post with selected pet names and the levels required to tame them.

UPD: Here is the list of pack pets: Contraband Mule (needs level 45+), Reservoir Dog (65+), Piggy Banker (85+), Stag of Holding (105+), Insomni-Yak (125+), High Horse (150+).

Another pet related quality of life improvement: from now on the game will show how much gold the hero needs to bring to a prayer for healing a wounded pet.

Reworked Crossword
Neat changes are coming to newspaper crossword as well. There are three new kinds of crossword words: dungeon bosses, sail beasties and locations that your hero occasionally mentions in his diary. Yay to variety!

Also, it now has Easier Mode: every day, at 13:00 UTC (9:00 AM EST, 6:00 AM PDT) the crossword will uncover a couple more letters. If word guessing was too hard for you, try it now, you may like it.

Souls News
It’s been a month since the start of soul collecting, so it’s time to admire our harvesters. Now you can see the Souls progress on the gods’ pages and the overall picture in the newly opened pantheon of Soulfulness. This deed also has its own achievement: Soulcatcher.

Also, there is a brand new application for the Souls Extract – it can be used to expire adventure cooldowns, so a god can send a hero to Arena, Spar, Dungeon or Sail right away. You can find the new button in the Spirit Refinery.

Make sure to update iOS and Android apps to enjoy all the new features.

Comments (32)
Hyt4yhu 6 Sep 30 2022 20:47

Thanks Godville, great changes!

Sophie The Woo 4 Sep 30 2022 21:55

Thanks be to Devs and TGR!💖

Orgm 4 Sep 30 2022 22:35

Thanks for the great update.

All Mighty Joyce 6 Oct 01 2022 00:25

Great news can’t wait until I can use all of these skills.

Lord TianLong 4 Oct 01 2022 00:33

How do you get rid of a super old pet but can’t put in ark.

Auwall Oct 01 2022 11:44

Thanks devs!

T4RM4N 6 Oct 01 2022 13:21

Awesome update as always

Hankvi Guidza 4 Oct 01 2022 20:17

Welp, I guess I should get Packin’ as soon as I may.

jk I’m not leaving anytime soon. Great update as always!

The Fire Lady Oct 01 2022 22:36

sweet I love how this game is never ending much love

Nemesid 6 Oct 02 2022 20:06

Cooldown reset is very nice, but it does not reset personal boss timer. Sadly, thus is the only timer I’d be interested in resetting. As of now, just having used this my `Drop to dungeon` button still says `Boss ready in 6h 8m`, despite the message claim that it will make it available. Maybe it’s by design (and I’m cool with it), but the cooldown reset warning message could reflect this as expected.

Aceho 6 Oct 06 2022 08:09


Phantom-Heh Feb 21 2023 09:51

Thanks, sounds great)

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