Frost Bites

Godville, Dec 01 2020

Winter is Coming
Actually, it’s already here — which means it’s a perfect time to welcome the usual suspects.

The first one is kinda fishy. Fishing is what heroes do a lot in the winter. Hungry fish like it too and will nibble even without bait.

The second one is about ocean cold and what it brings to sails — icebergs. They’re just like reefs, but with an extra refrigeration function, which helps to save supplies while the ark is on it.

Skill Swaps
A hero is nothing without his superpowers aka skills. As you know, a hero could swap a skill for another one whenever he feels like it, which doesn’t happen too often. From now on, there is a way to give him a divine kick in that direction — a special activatable artifact. Once triggered, it will forcefully replace an existing skill with some other one. It’s not like you have to use it, but if you want – the option is there.

Content Update
Every once in a while we dive deep into the Ideabox to get back with a fresh bunch of game texts. Today is one of these resurfacing days. Having sorted through the vast deposits of just four ideabox drawers, we’re glad to report that hundreds of new diary phrases, quests, and artifacts are now in the game. And it’s not over just yet — more will be added over the next few days. Big thanks to all the authors and ER-editors!

One more nice thing — while the idea is in ER you can quickly jump to it right from your ingenious pieces. Handy!

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Sophie The Woo 4 Dec 02 2020 00:17

Tha ks for the updates! 🎉

Glorious Deity 4 Dec 02 2020 00:18

Many thanks Godville admins!!

Spirit of Tzahal Dec 02 2020 00:38

Hurrah! Thank you, devs, for yet another lovely update.

Maurshtick Dec 02 2020 01:39

My first event, hope this goes well.

Zenzeon Dec 02 2020 02:54

Mst hai sir.
The team always gives the good ones for us…..)))))

Ynari Dec 02 2020 03:34


Ynari Dec 02 2020 03:34


The Darkest One Dec 02 2020 04:40


BoganRobot 4 Dec 02 2020 11:49


Artsonian 6 Dec 02 2020 15:23

Thanks, as always. Y’all ROCK!!!

Wawajabba 4 Dec 03 2020 00:57

Aye new content is always welcome

All Mighty Joyce 4 Dec 03 2020 14:32

Thanks for the update, bring on the snow ❄.

Moorer Dec 03 2020 14:39

Thanks devs. Love this game. Been playing over a year. Expecting my first child, too! Maybe I’ll get her playing it someday :D

Goddess iliana 4 Dec 09 2020 21:39

Wowzer! We are eternally grateful for the improvements you guys keep bringing to us. Keep it up.

Madam Kharma Dec 10 2020 01:24

New comment
I actually had some ideas accepted!! It definitely pays to submit, submit, submit! The more you submit, the higher the chance of at least one or three of your ideas being accepted!

Not only that, but I had a submission that was more a (very small) feature instead of a content idea accepted as well! Not sure exactly how those translate to IQ points, but don’t be afraid to submit those types of ideas that you think of into the ‘other’ category.. you may see them in your ‘Accepted’ one day!

I’m finally on my way to one day editing in ER, after being here 8 years and when I first started submitting ideas for ideabox in my early years, I failed miserably and gave up.. Started this time back and was quite excited to see a higher value IQ!
Speaking of, thanks to all the ER editors who helped my ideas along and gave them that extra ‘ooomph’ – almost all my additions had multiple ER edits submitted too :)

Catmando Dec 15 2020 19:20

Nice update with the skill swap item… But how come when I used it my hero swapped his old skill back with in 12 hours…. Silly

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