Contentful Update

Godville, Feb 08 2020

Greetings, gods and goddesses! Let’s mark the new year with the new stuff.

Big Content Update
We finally managed to sort through the heaps of submissions in the six most cluttered drawers of Ideabox (btw, thanks for patience!). The result is astounding – more than a thousand new content ideas have been added to the game! That includes hundreds of new artifacts, earthly news, dungeon, sail and duel chronicle entries. Newspaper also got a long-awaited content refresh (should be visible in tomorrow’s issue).

Newspaper ER
Newspaper submissions used to disappear in the void of Ideabox, skipping community voting altogether. This injustice is no more – from now on such ideas will go through the regular voting process, with ER and everything.

On a related note, we’d like to express our gratitude to everyone in ER for their participation and work. Your creativity and contribution really helps the game.

New Forecasts
As some attentive gods already noticed, starting from January there are three new forecasts in Godville Times. First one lets heroes sleep longer and more often. The second one makes tribble encounters much more common. The third one gives a chance of getting an unplanned side job.

Side Jobs Extension
Speaking of side jobs – it’s a bummer to see an almost finished side job to expire. From now on a hero could occasionally extend the current side job for a couple more hours by hitting a POI on the map. Sometimes that could really help to to finally get the job done.

By the way, you can now get nudged when the hero finds a new side job – just update the Godville app (Android, iOS) to get this new notification option.

Comments (33)
NebulousOne 6 Feb 08 2020 20:31

This is nice. Thanks for continuing your work and creativity on this game. And thanks also to all of the gameplayers whose contributions help keep the game getting more interesting and fun for all of our active fellow players! I’m here 8yrs 3+mths now! Who’d of thought that would happen?

Abgalid Feb 09 2020 07:06

Great to see the love developers pour into this game. Makes me more invested to keep ‘playing’ on.

Daesk8er 4 Feb 09 2020 18:59

All these ideas were but we’re all still rejected smh

Ladytatlo2 Feb 10 2020 02:31

Thanks for all the work you have put in.

Twifight Sparkill 4 Feb 10 2020 04:58

I love change like I love diapers – it’s necessary for the benefit of all, but I always throw up for a while afterwards.

Aieie 4 Feb 10 2020 13:23

How mean " hitting a POI"?

The Almighty 18 Feb 10 2020 19:50

Thanks Godcrew for the continuous updates.

Ellis God of All Feb 10 2020 22:32

Thanks for the update

Tlazolteteo 4 Feb 11 2020 00:29

Thank you Devs for all the new content. It will be fun spotting these “in the wild”! Hope you all get to enjoy a hugely deserved rest/beer :)

Ab-Ashanti Feb 15 2020 15:32

Thank-you for the hard work, time, and effort. You’ve given us even more to look forward to, in what has very quickly become, my favourite game!

Delta54 4 Feb 23 2020 06:51

Thank you for the content!

Cremens Feb 23 2020 14:25

Its alright I guess

Von Bartlesby Apr 09 2020 23:42

Thanks for keeping the updates coming!!! Love this goofy, funny game!

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