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Godville, Nov 01 2018

Hey, gods and goddess. Did you enjoy the special Halloween event in Godville? Risen monsters, activatable pumpkins, angry tribbles and the surreal pumpkin trade – we’re pretty sure the heroes were baffled too. As many of you noticed, there was a new thing this year. Yes, we’re talking about that cryptic progress indicator in the hero’s stats.

Side Jobs

Let’s welcome a new source of profit and trouble for our champions – side jobs. After level 25, heroes may find them on bulletin boards located at the points of interest. Side jobs don’t interfere with regular questing and are done simultaneously. Unlike regular quests, which are somewhat routine, side jobs call for a more creative approach. For example, a hero may be asked to sell certain artifacts or even… get resurrected.

A side job can be failed if it’s not finished it in time (which is usually a day or two). Failing a side job is not a big deal, as no client in their right mind would trust anything important to our heroes. However, some jobs are easily doable and heroes will finish them on their own. In the best of ZPG tradition, you – the god – can get involved as much or as little as you want.

Halloween side jobs were new and experimental. Those should be almost over by now. After few days there will be new and more regular (but still somewhat experimental) side jobs ready to be taken on.

Friends Management

A few words on friends. Up until recently, deletion from your friends list essentially worked as a block – the person was deleted from your list, but from the other side you’re still shown as a “friend” that can be “messaged”… into the void. With the latest app update, this option is called “Block”. Also, there is a new “Delete” option, which deletes you from the other person’s list as well. Keep in mind that after this deletion the second party can add and message you again.

App Updates

Side jobs and the other new features require latest version of Godville app. Updates for Android and Windows Phone are already available in their stores (iOS update will follow up once it gets through Apple’s app review process). Besides of the new options, there are few other things as well: you can now see god names and boss abilities in dungeons and sails without having to open the details screen. Very handy.

Comments (31)
Forest King 4 Nov 02 2018 02:23

So are their rewards for side jobs?

Twifight Sparkill 4 Nov 02 2018 04:54

I love new challenges. And blocks. Definitely. ?

Goddess iliana 4 Nov 02 2018 19:10

Wowzer! Nice one!

Alyssa13 Nov 03 2018 14:05

I wish I couldve blocked someone earlier…

The Omniscient Being 4 Nov 03 2018 15:02

Thanks so much team!

Aljian Nov 05 2018 05:18


Carenina Nov 05 2018 18:03

Cool!! Sounds neat, thanks devs ?

OhMG 4 Nov 06 2018 23:30

“Have 5 adventures”
What’s considered an “adventure”?

FeRDNYC Nov 07 2018 13:24

Thanks, devs! Looking forward to watching our heroes explore their new side hustles.

One nitpick regarding the announcement itself: The notification text ends with,

Find more info on this and other aspects of heroes’ lives in the FAQ.

But there is not a single word in the FAQ about any aspect of the announcement, never mind “more” info.

Urban Zombie 4 Nov 10 2018 10:01

Thanks Devs sounds good to me

Lastirishpanda Nov 13 2018 20:11

You guys rock! Loving all the updates ? Been playing this game for almost 8 years, and every single update has improved the game immensely.

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