Lucky Seven

Godville, May 10 2017

Today is a big day. Today Godville turns seven.

Cheers to all the gods, goddesses and their heroes. Cheers to ideaboxers, guild council elders, and forum frequenters.

May the heroes be brave and obedient, ideas be fresh and punny, guildmates be helpful and righteous.

Make sure to congratulate your champion now (and for the next three days) while he is traveling, dueling, spelunking and sailing to grant him a very special holiday bonus.

Happy birthday, yay!

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Try The Great May 10 2017 12:34

Happy birthday, I joined recently~

Hershey Almighty 6 May 10 2017 12:35

Congratulations devs! Thanks for the gift :) Happy birthday Godville!! Here’s to many more years… To the tavern!

The Antipunk 5 May 10 2017 12:43

Happy birthday! Thanks for being here so I can waste lots of time. Usually company time, lol.

CloudSin May 10 2017 12:54

Hip Hip Hoorah! Seven years of craziness and more to come!

Cychs May 10 2017 12:59

Happy birth day!!!!!!!!! Great mind, great game! Congratz!

God of Storms 4 May 10 2017 13:05

Happy birthday!!!

Goddess iliana 4 May 10 2017 13:07

Happy birthday, dear Godville. May you grow even more to bring us joy.

ReusK May 10 2017 13:13

Happy birthday :)

Brelyn May 10 2017 13:19

Happy birthday YAY!

Ellock 6 May 10 2017 13:25

С днём рождения АнГо и долгих лет жизни!

Byrrenzolt May 10 2017 13:33

congratz on seventh anniversary, Godville..

Artsonian 6 May 10 2017 13:38

Thank you, devs, for keeping me distracted for almost six years. And I don’t usually have the attention span to stay distracted by the same thing for very long. So congrats to you!

Amrutha the immortal 4 May 10 2017 13:47

Happy Birthday godville. May godville see many more years of success

Eternal Midnight May 10 2017 13:49

Happy Day of Birth Celebrations!!!

EvilFcb 4 May 10 2017 13:58

No free charges to celebrate? that’s sad.

Anancr 6 May 10 2017 14:03

uhajajajaja and I have been part 6 years of it.

Gsxrboy 6 May 10 2017 14:28

Thanks for the awesome place, no treats required ?

God2000 4 May 10 2017 14:57

Happy, very happy, birthday, Godville! And may the great random be with us

Sorenim May 10 2017 15:21

Happy birthday Godville! Such a cool game.

Griffin Master May 10 2017 15:28

10:26 PM Congratulation heard, Most Righteous One! By the way, somebody just asked me to give you these ten strange things…

I wonder what those things are… Happy birthday godville :D

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