Lucky Seven

Godville, May 10 2017

Today is a big day. Today Godville turns seven.

Cheers to all the gods, goddesses and their heroes. Cheers to ideaboxers, guild council elders, and forum frequenters.

May the heroes be brave and obedient, ideas be fresh and punny, guildmates be helpful and righteous.

Make sure to congratulate your champion now (and for the next three days) while he is traveling, dueling, spelunking and sailing to grant him a very special holiday bonus.

Happy birthday, yay!

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Hurrystream May 10 2017 15:35

Happy 7th!!!

Arapethia 4 May 10 2017 15:50

Been with Godville 6yrs and 7 months! Happy Birthday!

Augnoramous 6 May 10 2017 16:02

YAY! Happy birthday

Vemego 4 May 10 2017 16:08

Class,thank you. Congratulations.

Vorpal 6 May 10 2017 16:49

Happy 7th, GV! ?

Kartinmat May 10 2017 17:08

Happy birthday, Godville!
I am glad this game got so far but my heroine is definitely not.

18:02 I’m tired of the celebration, but the party is still in the full swing. Must have been a really good occasion!
Completed my quest to celebrate Godville’s anniversary, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt. No, wait. That was for Timon. I didn’t get anything!

Armati Avis Flammae May 10 2017 17:29


Mysterize May 10 2017 17:32

Happy Birthday Godville! I am very glad I discovered you, and anticipate being here a long tme to come. Thanks for the gift, you are too kind!

The unnamed Lady May 10 2017 17:35

Congratulations on your birthday! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy the game!

Howdie 6 May 10 2017 17:54

Congratulations and good luck for the next seven years. Cheers!

Smoking guy May 10 2017 18:00

Congratulations. I love this game.

UrHumbleOmnipotence May 10 2017 18:32

01:28 PM Cheers to you too, Almighty! By the way, somebody just asked me to give you these ten brickets of divinity…

Happy Birthday!!

Solaire the DarkFlame May 10 2017 18:32

What do you even get for this event? Anyway its my first birthday with you thanks for a lot of fun Godville. HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY

Cinymin May 10 2017 18:46

01:40 PM Cheers to you too, my Lady! By the way, somebody just asked me to give you these ten strange things out of this world…

Anyone know what the 10 strange things could be?

Delhas May 10 2017 18:47

12:46 Cheers to you too, Almighty! By the way, somebody just asked me to give you these ten blue brickets…

Nothing received…

Delhas May 10 2017 18:48

Oh! It’s power charges!

Nooooo Good GOOODD 5 May 10 2017 18:50

Happy Birthday, Godville. Congratzz! And thank you for your generous gift :D

Benjamaster1 5 May 10 2017 18:58

Congrats Godville on seven years. Here’s to seven more! :)

Ironscalp 5 May 10 2017 19:01

Congratulations… This holiday is a million times better than monster day(which i hate, sorry to say)
May this game one day be 70

All Mighty Joyce 6 May 10 2017 19:19

I just love this. Thanks Godville Devi.

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