Seasonal Refreshments

Godville, Feb 22 2017


Underground hikes could sometimes be long and grueling. This is mostly due to the strong boss monsters and the time it takes to defeat them. It’s time to speed things up – boss fight turns will become shorter, those making these fights much faster. Meanwhile, turn duration in dungeon stays the same, leaving plenty of time for planning and directions. (If you still happen to use an old version of the Godville mobile app, now would be a good time to update it to support this feature).

New mole-hole trap rooms have been found in dungeons. This is one time use underground wormhole instantly moves the adventurers into some other area of the map. Despite being a trap, this room can actually be helpful in fighting the gods’ boredom and moving the heroes closer to (or farther from) the treasure.

Also a new variety of nook rooms have been discovered recently – containing a switch that changes the type of current dungeon. So, if a team gets an unlucky dungeon, there might now be a way to change it.


Two new sail start conditions ought to make sailors’ life more fun. The first one guarantees that all islands will have something on them, but no one knows what it is. The second one allows islands to replenish their resources, thus allowing the sailors to loot them again.

In addition, all outlandish artifacts from sails are becoming more useful. Now heroes may occasionally find a log of gopher wood inside.


The popular mini-game in the Godville Times has a new “Ok, I give up!” mode. Made for those who couldn’t play bingo three times in a day, the new button ends the game and instantly rewards the hero with a handful of gold coins. Keep in mind, though, that full-bingo mode is always more profitable.

Comments (19)
Alistin 5 Feb 22 2017 14:04

Good news :)

Uuk 6 Feb 22 2017 14:05


Sunsetdreamer52 Feb 22 2017 14:18

This will be fun!

Nice Hat Feb 22 2017 14:19

Love the new dungeon-features. (We just got acces to them.) Can’t wait to send my hero down there.

Good idea with bingo. I’ve tied not having the right items for the last click and therefor not getting the gold many times. This will be a nice consolation prize.

The Many Faced God Feb 22 2017 14:45

Thanks very much. Keep up the great work.

Chongo 6 Feb 22 2017 14:45

Like, Totally Bee Ching.

Derelict Red Feb 22 2017 15:27

Awesome updates! Thank you Godville.

AdamIsaac the 1st 4 Feb 22 2017 15:36

Love the dungeon and Bingo updates Godville, nice one!

Diabetic Chicken 4 Feb 22 2017 15:55

neato bandito

Jimbob65 6 Feb 22 2017 16:38

Looks like fun… as 3,000,000 other people have said. Thanks.

All Mighty Joyce 6 Feb 22 2017 16:57

I love the new addition.

Ruby Princess 4 Feb 22 2017 17:18

Wish the bingo update came 1 day earlier. I managed to get 7 out 9 items on first try for bingo. Couldn’t get any rewards since I just didn’t get the other 2 items on time =(

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Feb 22 2017 22:44

Thanks for the new update!

Bust It Baby 6 Feb 22 2017 23:12

Always updating, always improving! Thanks again, GV Crew!

Brinjal 6 Feb 22 2017 23:38

Sounds like fun! Thanks for continuing to add content to this awesome game!

Bimmy Tummers 4 Feb 23 2017 02:26

Thanks for these constant game updates! It keeps me hooked!

Augnoramous 6 Feb 24 2017 07:02

Great stuff. Thank you! Now if only someone would approve my submissions that are still in limbo… ;)

Okidokidoc Feb 28 2017 01:23

oh, OK.

TheEndIsNigh Feb 28 2017 23:36

Love it! Thank you! :D

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