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Godville, Jul 12 2016

The Third Eye that floats above your hero’s diary and notes all the interesting things from his life has always been useful to catch up on things after being away.

The time has come to bring the Eye to next level by making it see new things it couldn’t see before and by allowing gods to custom-tailor it for them. Tired of seing quest or skill upgrade entries? Feel free to exclude them. Want to see how much your champ has put into savings or how was his last fishing? You can now know it too!

The Eye’s settings can be found right next to the Eye’s entries and are available once 25% of the temple is completed. The web browser version of the game has already been updated, Android app update is being rolled out as we speak, and iOS and Windows Phone owners will get their hands on the new goodies with the next update of the apps.

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Kingfox 4 Jul 12 2016 12:57

Great little quality of life improvement. My life, not my hero’s.

The Auburn Bard Jul 12 2016 13:14

The sun is cold and all is lost

The Real Nicolas Cage Jul 12 2016 13:18

Great update, helps to keep track over things that happened while asleep! Thanks, Godville devs!

Okita Jul 12 2016 13:28

Another excellent update.

Sijmon Jul 12 2016 13:44

+1 didnt know I needed this but its great

Jimbob65 4 Jul 12 2016 14:14

This upgraded feature is a really nice touch. Thank you for it- I like the range of options.

High king of undies Jul 12 2016 14:25

Thanks a lot for this new feature! Now it’s easier to keep track of the things I want and ignore the stuff I don’t care that much about. Keep up the great work :D

Steve the B Jul 12 2016 14:32

And another reason to not sleep at night …

Charlene StormBringer Jul 12 2016 14:33

Totally awesome thanks guys

Child of the winds Jul 12 2016 14:52

Thanks so much! Good job!

Child of the winds Jul 12 2016 14:52

Thanks so much! Good job!

Xamier Jul 12 2016 15:27

Thank you, another reason this has been my favorite game for over 4 years. :)

SourceRunner 4 Jul 12 2016 15:56

Hurrah! That’s a great idea! Thank you, Godville, this will make the game that much more pleasant.

Rajvir Jul 12 2016 15:58

Looks like I have awhile to go before I can specify my third eye but glad to have another goal to reach.

Holy Spirit of Hell Jul 12 2016 20:24

Thanks for this! Been waiting on it for awhile.

The Archow Jul 12 2016 21:55

Nice Update… So useful 10/10

Brinjal 4 Jul 12 2016 22:46

Nice update, but why are the following options greyed out and unable to be changed?

  • All About Pets
  • Level Up
  • New Friend
  • New Skill
  • Death
  • Voice Reward
  • Wanted Monster Reward

I know you might call them “essentials” but I don’t need to see that my hero has died- I get a notification and see that he needs resurrection when I log in. And I don’t care too much if my hero found a wanted monster.

But I don’t mind that much, none of them happen often enough to clog up the third eye, so overall this is a great update. Thanks, Devs!

Lyme 4 Jul 13 2016 01:36

This is pretty good, I hadn’t really payed attention to the third eye pretty much since just after it came out. This should make it more useful, I may use it again now.

Phexides Jul 13 2016 06:11

Turn all “on” → Get notified about everything → Become (even more) your hero’s Big Brother

Thank you, Devs, for this useful update!

Okidokidoc Jul 13 2016 07:50

Great! :-)

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