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Godville, Jul 12 2016

The Third Eye that floats above your hero’s diary and notes all the interesting things from his life has always been useful to catch up on things after being away.

The time has come to bring the Eye to next level by making it see new things it couldn’t see before and by allowing gods to custom-tailor it for them. Tired of seing quest or skill upgrade entries? Feel free to exclude them. Want to see how much your champ has put into savings or how was his last fishing? You can now know it too!

The Eye’s settings can be found right next to the Eye’s entries and are available once 25% of the temple is completed. The web browser version of the game has already been updated, Android app update is being rolled out as we speak, and iOS and Windows Phone owners will get their hands on the new goodies with the next update of the apps.

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Fransiscus Jul 13 2016 08:20

Great upgrade. Thanks!

Dogess 4 Jul 13 2016 17:16

Brilliant! Thanks, devs! :)

Jenaje 6 Jul 13 2016 20:51

Is this update not working for anyone else? Third Eye is still showing me all the old stuff (quest ending and starting, changing coins for XP) but it’s not showing me the new categories I selected!

Dana Bernard Jul 13 2016 23:22

thanks saint bernard

Whet Dreams 4 Jul 14 2016 01:43

Great improvement!! Tx…

Additional suggestions:

  • Godville entry – useful for assuring next entry is 61+ minutes (for reward)

Does fishing really report? I have that option set, but think I got 2 Fenimals since Sailing this noon yet I don’t see those in the Eye reports. (Maybe there’s some way to get Fenimals besides Sailing and Fishing, so perhaps a general “got *nimals” option could be added.)

Om Nuggan 4 Jul 14 2016 06:26

Great update! But I don’t think it’s working for me on android app…

Aljian Jul 14 2016 07:07

It’s good. Cause now I can see mini-quests!

Nemesid 4 Jul 14 2016 12:52

This is awesome, welcome and long-waited feature. Thank you for working on this. Now, to the implementation itself.. On two different computers, 3 different browsers each (Chrome, FF, Edge) none of these work. I have the option to check the needed boxes, but no effect taken place. If you want to look into it, I’ve enabled fishing results, temple benefits, savings, and disabled most of the other stuff. Now, as for “essentials” that we can’t change yet, I take it they are a bit more hard-coded and will take you more time, if at all possible to differentiate. No problem here. Thanks again for this awesome update for an awesome game.

Quoki Jul 16 2016 12:22

Thanks for this update! Cool)

Thorbjoern 4 Jul 18 2016 18:20

Yay for updates \(^-^)/

LaLaQueen Jul 19 2016 06:27


The Mighty Stang 4 Jul 20 2016 01:06

A very welcome and useful update. Apart from a few teething problems, it seems to be working as intended on my G4. As a side effect, I’m aotually checking the TE more often now, so as not to miss the new messages that would hae been lost without constant monitering. Very devious, these Devs.

Augnoramous 5 Jul 20 2016 08:38

Yay! Like it.

Strong Soul Jul 21 2016 07:12

Cool. Definitely useful and convenient. However I have one idea that would make it and this game even better. Make it so that you can chose for some of those things to show up as bold in the eye.

Because I would like to make it so that god voice rewards show up as bold in my eye.

Weise Socke 4 Jul 22 2016 11:30

Great new eye ;). Like it !

Bimmy Tummers 4 Aug 05 2016 02:11

Eye like it ?

Angelsmark00000000 Oct 01 2016 09:59


BenJammin49 Dec 28 2016 14:19


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