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Godville, Jul 28 2013

Greetings! Today’s news are full of small, but still pleasant bits and pieces:

  1. Hundreds of shiny new artifacts for your heroes to pick up.
  2. Astrologists have learnt a few more new things that they are eager to share with you. Don’t miss new forecasts about godpower accumulator and arena teleportation in the upcoming issues of Godville Times.
  3. Godville invites are now more straightforward – your hero gets an invite item, then you can activate it (from now on – for free!) to increase the number of available invitations, and then you can add a friend any time your want. So no more automatic increase/decrease trickery when your hero gets/sells a Godville invite.
  4. In desperate attempts for survival, the boss monsters have developed a few more abilities. Two of them are rather nice, while the other two counterbalance them with some nastiness.
  5. In addition to the named ears, heroes can now pick other special boss trophies and some of these things will surely be of greater value than others. Keep an eye on the inventory when your champ beats his next boss.
  6. The progress meter when your hero waits for a duel opponent should now be way more accurate.

And here is a good news for those who tired of “wasted” encourages when the hero is already at his full health (and opposite is true for punishments). While these outcomes can’t be removed completely, from now on they will occasionally give a nice bonus – a temporal aura of rage (or bliss for evil heroes).

Lastly, rumor has it that tribbles love to make their home in mystery boxes and the like. Be careful with these things.

Comments (36)
Marthter 4 Jul 28 2013 11:52

Looking forward to seeing the new tricks and treats, thanks!

Vothros Jul 28 2013 11:52

Hurray for punishment auras!

Miracale Jul 28 2013 11:54

Great update!! Always love boss updates!

Blue Panda Jul 28 2013 12:24

Fantastic! Already found a new boss ability and it’s awesome!! :D Thanks, Devs!!

Selenium92 Jul 28 2013 12:37

i was hoping that e boss trophies r permanent.

Katie Scarlett Jul 28 2013 12:42

Lots of interesting changes. The game’s afoot! __now to think of new uses for tribble pelts…._

Brinjal 6 Jul 28 2013 12:49

12:48 I was lying under a rock reading myself my last rites when a Bird of Paradise flew up my nose. Hey! I suddenly feel much better!

12:48 Strong feeling of dissonance from the extreme punishments suddenly turned into an aura of rage. Take that, Exalted One!

WHAAAT? But it was an encourage!

Jimbob64 6 Jul 28 2013 13:48

Way to make our day, devs! Encourage addicts fans salute this new aura.

Boss hunters rejoice. Also cry, but we got used to Nimble, this’ll be just more fun in a week.

Thank you once again for keeping things fresh and entertaining around here.

Vickie J 88 4 Jul 28 2013 14:04

The troubles are spreading.

Omg I Am God 4 Jul 28 2013 14:44

Awesome update devs, thanks for keeping a simple text game so interesting!

Thorbjoern 6 Jul 28 2013 15:12

great! now i just need some boxes and look inside…

Azarkon 4 Jul 28 2013 17:29

12:26: The mole-extracting shovel jumped out of my bag, wiggled in the air… and nothing happened. It seems as though something is preventing it from working. Almighty, you should probably try again later.

Was in town, can’t use in town now?

Azarkon 4 Jul 28 2013 17:30

Duels are temporarily unavailable. Guess it will get sold….

Squizche Jul 28 2013 17:31

The game keeps getting sweeter, thanks!

Azarkon 4 Jul 28 2013 17:35

And….gone 12:34: When the trader saw my mole-extracting shovel, he began to hyperventilate. Pointing his shaking finger at it, he exclaimed, “That is… That is…” and handed me 356 gold coins without further delay.

Halkeye Jul 28 2013 19:13

God’s these days don’t know how good they have it. Thanks for the update!

Myoka 5 Jul 28 2013 21:18

Very nice!

Prosnoopy Jul 28 2013 22:33

Darn it you’ve figured out my plan developers… Looks as of have to new hiding places.

Lord Surge Jul 28 2013 23:10

Delicious as ever! Of course, I’ll surely want to kick a few tribbles about if they are as much trouble as gremlins! LOVE the news about wasted ‘encourages’. Such sweet relief there. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy all around. Thank You!!!

Djleeds Jul 28 2013 23:30

Looking forward to seeing the new boss abilities!

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