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Godville, Jul 12 2013

Some time ago, almost by accident, we’ve got hold of a Windows Phone device. It turned out to be surprisingly good, so we thought that we’d like to have a Godville app for it. Fast-forward a few months, and today we’re happy to announce a full-blown, native Godville app for Windows Phone 8!

Not only does it supports all the bells and whistles you can find in other Godville mobile apps, it also utilizes the power of the platform with support of don’t-call-it-Metro UI, live tile notifications, lock screen support, etc. It even features a new experimental Remote Control to make poking your hero even more enjoyable! So, if you have a Windows Phone, get the new app from the store and let us know what you think in this forum topic or via Ideabox.

Regardless of the mobile news, make sure to check out this dueling tournament organized by our fellow players, with some nice prizes involved!

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Aex0 Jul 12 2013 09:43

Wow, this is best news from GV ever!!! I’d practically given up on playing because of the lack of a WP app. It’s nearly impossible to duel or participate beyond encourage/punish when you don’t get notifications. Now I can go back to playing daily again, thank you so much! =D

Inebriate Jul 12 2013 13:19

Nice work guys!

Omg I Am God 4 Jul 12 2013 14:25

Devs, now I know Windows Phone has arrived. No longer will I have to use IE to play Godville on my Windows Phone. Thank you! Does it work for wp7 and wp8? Any memory limitations?

Reason I ask is a lot of apps have one restriction or another.

I also ask you to submit the ap to the editors at WPCentral, who will do a review of the app and let more people know.

Thanks for mentioning our tournament! I am as happy as peaches! Proudly rocking a cyan Nokia 920!

Lord Surge Jul 12 2013 14:37

Very nice work! The tournament sounds like great fun. I do not do well at the fighting but I am excited for all of my Guild mates that love to duel. I know they will have an exciting challenge in this tournament and thank you for all who worked hard to put all this together. The Devs and players who work so hard at Godville always amaze me! Thank you for your dedication to such a fun and wonderful game to play every day.

Dio patre Jul 12 2013 15:51

Awesome! !!

Der Moerder Jul 12 2013 16:12

no gopher wood for us yet? eh fine. got way too long to work on our retirement. Still not a win 8 tablet/pc ap. If it was well designed it might actually give me a reason to use the side by side functionality.

Omg I Am God 4 Jul 12 2013 16:32

Sorry devs, didn’t notice this was for wp8 in my excitement.

Lord Surge, you are welcome to join us, total prizes include up to 200 charges, along with a Wild Seven t-shirt to the winner, it doesn’t hurt, it is a sparring tournament, so everyone is on the same health. Plus you will gain some new friends. :)

We are accepting entrants on Wild Seven’s forum page, just let us know you are interested.

Jimbob64 6 Jul 12 2013 16:41

I see a “Dungeon” notification in the Android app now… I sense an upcoming feature. Or current one not yet seen in person.

Whatever it is, I’ll look forward to seeing how this goes.

Tournament-wise, it says on the page it’s only a 100% GP limit, so it certainly won’t be something to stress about expense or tactics for anyone- praying more up if needed is allowed, and so that’ll be some nice quick worry-free matching.

This is like the introduction of the holy powercell item: I can hardly believe it’s allowed to exist, being potentially so wonderful with no drawbacks. And now, I want to go find a friend with a Windows phone. Can’t help but feel curious.

Sweetgamer Jul 12 2013 22:29

Thanks OMG I AM GOD. Honestly, I get really nervous when it comes to a lot of rules. I’d probably just get bumped out right away anyway for not understanding and doing something wrong in the first place. I read it several times and as ‘easy’ as it seems… I’d still get it mixed up. I’m not quite sure what the part about you have 14 days to complete each tier means. How many spars are there on each tier… and so forth? So you see? I’m already confused. And that is just the beginning of how confused I am. But thank you for encouraging me. I don’t mind being on the sideline and cheering others on and watching the fun on things like this. I have fun here in so many other ways, I really do! But, I still think the players who really know their stuff are going to really have a great time and the reward is AWESOME. That is for sure!

Omg I Am God 4 Jul 13 2013 00:24

Sweetgamer, don’t mention it. I am sorry the rules have confused you. Suppose there are 32 contestants, then there would be 6 rounds. In each round each pair of contestants would have two weeks to meet and finish their sparring match. That is it. I am glad you will enjoy the tournament though, feel free to friend me and I can help you out. :)

Zigfried Jul 23 2013 21:58


Yeahha Jul 28 2013 02:41

About time…:p

you made my day!

Kiyanayah Jul 28 2013 03:24

At last!

Oxy428 Jul 28 2013 13:47

Discovering this app got me into playing Godville in the first place. I love the game, and I hope you attract many more players through your new wp8 app! :)

RaistlinMajere Jul 30 2013 03:33


Wickfox Jul 30 2013 05:52

Its a great app. But i cant see / use the star sign next to the special items.

Gyndius Jul 31 2013 00:03

Does this mean that there will soon be a Windows 8 app for my PC?

YAHWEH0 4 Aug 25 2013 02:11

Many thanks! This factored into my decision to get a Windows 8 phone. Really top notch work here.

Cantanoza Sep 02 2013 03:22

I found this weird-yet-freakin-amazing game on the windows store and i think downloading it was one of the best choices of my life. Thank you for making my life bette.

Alpha Trion Sep 10 2013 10:17

my friends have wp7 sadly they cant use this app.

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