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Godville, Oct 15 2011

After a quite long pause, we’re excited to get back to you with a bunch of good news! Please welcome our brand new feature – friendly, just-for-fun duel fights with friends and their heroes! These new fights take place entirely in the imagination of the heroes, so they won’t leave any trace (no teleportation, health restore, changes in stats, equipment or inventory, no effect on pantheon rankings or desire for in-field skirmishes). To invite a friend for a sparring fight just send him a challenge using your Remote Control (read more in the FAQ). Don’t have enough friends to check out this awesome new feature? Well, everyone has just received 5 invites, so go ahead and challenge a friend to a duel!

The new dueling feature is already available on the superhero page and in the recently updated iOS and Android (update to Amazon AppStore is still going through the review process) apps. In order to reduce confusion and let everyone know that the old hero page is not the best way to go, today the old page got its final feature – a deprecation banner and an updated link in the top menu. Fear not, the page should work just as it worked before, but it’s unlikely to receive any of the new features (e.g. Third Eye or Challenge Friend).

In other news, there were lots of small, yet important changes made over the last couple of weeks that we wanted to let you know about:
  • the game has just been updated with a lot of new content
  • monster death rattles are now much more diverse
  • “earthly news” submissions have been moved into their own section in the ideabox
  • all personal pages have gained a bunch of godwiki links
  • to make duel endings more straightforward, the tie outcome for both arena and skirmish duels has been changed, so that it will no longer affect the win/loss ratio and gladiatorship pantheon position
  • it’s now possible to buy charges for other players in the browser version of the game.
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Anancr 6 Oct 15 2011 17:39

awesome I’m going to reload the page and try the new things

Zackrulez Oct 15 2011 17:40

Great update. I always compare stats with my friends who have Godville and now we can compete more.

Deprivus Oct 15 2011 17:48

This is great! Love the new features!

Persephassa 6 Oct 15 2011 18:14

It’s better to get a fair win now, without any tie, isn’t it? Interesting. :)

Nonnal Oct 15 2011 18:25

Great work! Love it!

Would you mind updating the link from the godwiki site in the left-hand navigation bar? Under “game links,” the “To hero” link should presumably now point to the /superhero page?

Thanks again!

Nexus Oct 15 2011 19:59

Imaginary duels are a pretty cool new feature. Great addition to the game.

Hasanto Oct 15 2011 20:21

14:15: Notes from arena battle: The fight was a tie and its results will not be registered in the history. Nerilo was selected as a nominal winner. The winner got richer by 1628 coins and a golden brick. Really devs? The main reason people arena is for the wins.

Deprivus Oct 15 2011 20:28

But losing in a tie is very fustrating. I think that if it ends in a tie certain factors should decifer a win from a loss such as who used more actions, or who was on the defensive or lower on health for most of the duel

Raul Marq Oct 15 2011 20:52

Imaginary duels are great! Great work, devs!

Gorgeous George Oct 15 2011 21:34

Had my first fight with a close GV friend of a much higher level than me. It was great and fun. A very welcome feature.

Electroz 4 Oct 16 2011 01:18

Sounds awesome! Thanks for the updates, Devs!

Wappo Oct 16 2011 03:13

Nice stuff Godville team ^^

Giano 4 Oct 16 2011 10:32

Very nice update indeed but… It’s just me or It happened to you too to have the entire friends list nuked?

Hasanto Oct 16 2011 18:27

10:51 PM Decided to give away old equipment to a lower level hero who was browsing the shop. I don’t need it now that I just bought a Mask for 0.

01:42 PM A cute little girl wearing a nekomimi asked me to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring. It’s a bit weird, but why not embark upon this quest? The winner got richer by 1628 coins and a golden brick.

06:16 AM Just bribed the trader with 0 and got a protective pentagram for free.

Umm I think the third eye is glitchy now.

Senior Froug Oct 19 2011 21:34

The cutting down a tree with a herring is from monty python and the holy grail…. who doesnt know that<img src="?" alt="" />?

DivineGrace Oct 21 2011 18:50

So is the imiginary fight going to have any effect on the charges?

Auto loser Oct 23 2011 16:22

Cool! Ill keep on falling down since I don’t buy charges bwahaha Auto loser

Arch Angel Michael Mar 05 2012 19:14

I will always be Faith full to my friends in Godville .

Ziggerastica May 14 2012 21:35

I like updates too.

Ziggerastica Over and Out.

PS Check out the Chronicles of Rodney the Ruthless!

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