Birthday Blessing

Godville, May 10 2024

Hey, listen! Today Godville turns 14. Fourteen years! We know, it’s almost unbelievable!

Naturally, it’s a day to celebrate. Best wishes to everyone who makes Godville special: the gods watching from above, the heroes battling it out, the creative minds in the ideabox, and the supportive guildmates. And big thanks to you all.

As usual, we’re marking the occasion with gifts. Give your hero a congratulatory god voice and get a birthday pack of free godpower charges. Keep it up for the next three days to triple your bonus!

But wait, there is more. Today we’re introducing a new divine ability: the blessing.

Firstly, it enables you to instantly see what loot (or special ability) every monster carries.

Secondly and more importantly, the blessing allows your hero to gather the resources he needs — be it wood, pairs, glyphs, or souls — 1.5x faster than he usually gathers on his own. The blessing isn’t cheap, as it takes sixty godpower charges, but its effect lasts for a whole month. See more info on how it works here.

For the active players, this might not be so interesting, cause they are probably already making the most out of their godpower. But if you’re the one who checks-in once a week or so, wondering what to do with these hundreds of temple charges, the blessing could give your hero a nice effortless boost.

And the very first blessing doesn’t even need charges. If you have a temple, open your Remote right now, bless your hero for free and see how it all looks like for the next thirty days. Or just give him a birthday blessing for the sake of it, cause you know, we have a party here.

Happy Birthday, Godville! Here’s to celebrating the old, embracing the new, and continuing the adventure together.

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Rosea The Wicked May 11 2024 06:24

Happy Birthday! Thank you so much!!

Niruve May 11 2024 06:52

Right on! Happy Birthmas Godville!
Here’s to 14+ more! 🍻

Zierou The Omega 4 May 11 2024 09:29

Happy birthday Godville.

Viy May 11 2024 12:05

happy birthday!

Anubits May 11 2024 13:21

Happy Birthday Godville 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Jimbob64 6 May 11 2024 14:16

Happy birthday and bless you for the content.

Nimslol 5 May 11 2024 14:54

Happy birthday! Thanks for your efforts!

Skye Peregrinator May 11 2024 18:34

Time flies! Happy birthday. Glad to come back and see the community still very much alive. My safe space. Thank you.

Lovely Poetess May 12 2024 00:37

Happy Birthday! 🎂🎈

May all your wishes and dreams come true… Yeah!!! 🥳💃👻

First and foremost, I want to THANK You for creating such a fun and kind place! ❤️

Godville is truly a respite from the usual braindead internet.

Thank you so much!

I love you guys!

~ Your Lovely Poetess forever ❤️

Zefir0 May 12 2024 00:57

Happy birthday also from a new entry🎉😊

Weise Socke 5 May 12 2024 10:04


ATHENA - Wise 1 6 May 13 2024 09:16


Kehn May 14 2024 20:07

Happy Birthday, Godville!

It’s been such a good time playing this game, i hope you guys keep improving this wonderful world.

Ripperpebble May 15 2024 10:59

Happy birthday!!

Quisalys May 15 2024 13:57

Happy birthday, Godville !!

Dujuan May 15 2024 15:08

Happy Birthday 🥳

Isegrimmus Prime 4 May 16 2024 07:22

Belated (🙈) Happy Birthday! 🎉

Elantien May 16 2024 22:43

Oh happy birthday godville

Turrin Toorinbarr 4 May 17 2024 06:33

Happy birthday Godville

Hezep May 17 2024 07:31

This Blessing is very useful for active players during the post-ark chapter I’m in, and AFAICT during the post-boss period too. The bulk of the creatures my hero gets comes from idle, RNG fishing. I sail around 2x per day (partly because I’m too impatient to get my hero to leave the sea by port and usually get the 8 hr cooldown. I am succesful in most of them by some combination of sails being designed to be easy to win with only modest divine supervision, and aiming for booty in all of them (crates are a bonus) So I probably get an average of 1 creature per day from sailing, while my hero spontaneously fishes several times per day. The Blessing impacts the activity that already contributed the most to game progress. Thanks for the update!

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