Bossing Around

Godville, Mar 23 2022

Hi there, dear deities. It’s great to be back with yet another portion of game news.

About Bosses
High-level deities that like to mess around in the Lab now have a special reward for their heroes – a new Scientist achievement. It’s awarded once a first boss is successfully awakened and can be improved further by assembling even stronger bosses.
The second change should improve dungeoning and regular boss fighting. Every time a boss mutates or summons a minion the fight log entry will be marked with new 🧬 and πŸ‘₯ symbols correspondingly. This should make keeping an eye on the battle easier.
The next thing is about fishing. From now on heroes can fish out a new precious item – 4th level boss part. It’s quite rare, so getting it should be especially pleasing.

Faster Duels and Adventures
From now on, arena battles, dungeons and sails will run a tad faster, making the whole adventure more dynamic and less time consuming.

New Game Content
Once again, we’ve spent the past few weeks in the depths of the Ideabox and are glad to share the gems from this catch. Hundreds of new quests, monsters, artifacts and earthly news are already waiting for you in the game. Big thanks to all authors and ER editors!

Spring Cleaning
Spring is already in full bloom, which means it’s a perfect time for the annual Spring Content Cleaning. If you think that some of the game’s texts are poorly worded, inappropriate or overused, please let us know here.

Comments (35)
Turrin Toorinbarr εΊ™θˆŸη•œ Mar 24 2022 00:54

Thank you for all that you do! You rock! GO GOD SQUAD!!!

The Omniscient Being 4 Mar 24 2022 00:57

This is amazing, thanks so much devs!! 😘

The Mighty Stang 4 Mar 24 2022 00:58

Heavens to Batsy, spring cleaning time already? Where’s my map? …mop.
Kudos to the Devworld, as usual, a worthy update!

Cloviussia 4 Mar 24 2022 08:09

Nicely nice

Solenopsis 4 Mar 24 2022 09:22

Thanks for all of your hard works, devs. We appreciate it 😊

Moon-Vy Mar 24 2022 13:48


Auwall εΊ™θˆŸη•œ Mar 24 2022 14:44

Fantastic! Glad the game is still going on. Thanks for the effort!

Hairplug4men 6 Mar 24 2022 16:51

Sweet update and more achievements are my jam

Coolbp5 4 Mar 24 2022 20:11

Thank you!

Dymphnation εΊ™θˆŸη•œ Mar 24 2022 20:31

So cool that there are such regular updates, changes, additions to this game. Splendid work, chaps!

Zernath Apr 01 2022 08:38

Thanks for your hard work and building a wonderful community

Ripperpebble εΊ™ Apr 04 2022 00:29

Nice thanks for the update

Fistantiuls εΊ™ Apr 15 2022 18:45

Open this game after 7 years to see your character is still there and the game is constantly being developed. Nice!

Eve7778 εΊ™θˆŸη•œ Apr 23 2022 03:10

As always Devs…..Kudos to you and Thanks for all the fish!

Zurobozor εΊ™η•œ Apr 30 2022 03:48

Thanks for all your work!

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