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Godville, Mar 26 2019

Hello there, dear gods. We have good news to share.

Afterparty POIs
What hero doesn’t like to spend his hard-earned gold in taverns? From now on parties could not only be pleasant, but useful too. If a hero learns something useful during his “social hours”, he’ll mark a point on the map to check it later. The more gold he spends, more likely he’ll overhear something. That could work even if hero already has a point on the map – the one from the tavern will be the second!

Explosive Bosses Disarm
As every seasoned adventurer knows, explosive bosses always blow up when defeated, covering the area with shreds and leaving the heroes without useful lab parts. Not anymore. From now on the heroes will notice when the boss is preparing to detonate. Finishing the boss quickly after warning could prevent the explosion.

Inventory Notification
There is a brand new push notification on the number of artifacts in the hero’s inventory (make sure to update Godville mobile app for this option to appear). In addition to that, now the app has a quick link to Bingo in the Inventory tab. This combo should come in very handy.

Accessibility Tweaks
Some changes were made for deities playing with VoiceOver or Talkback screen readers. We hope that the game is already quite accessible, but there is always room to improve. The latest app update brings enhancements for sails, newspaper navigation, crossword and couple more things.

PS: Make sure the check Godville Tallent Show contest here.

Comments (34)
Ear wind 4 Mar 27 2019 01:37

Cool update as always

Philip buster Mar 27 2019 02:04

Thank you

Tylersean Mar 27 2019 02:26

For me, this update is the best since I play this game (10 months).
Congratulations to the developers! :)

Leara Mar 27 2019 02:30

I’m really liking the new accessibility features in the update! Now talk back tells me when an item is bold! I do have one question though. You said this update will enhance the accessibility of sailing but will it also enhance dungeons?

Augnoramous 5 Mar 27 2019 06:16

More great stuff, esp disarming explosive bosses! Looking forward to being able to name my lab boss someday!

Simted Mar 27 2019 07:35

Thanks for the Update!

Illuminaughty Goat Mar 27 2019 07:58

Cheers everyone! Great updates, and I’m really happy that I can play with gods who would not play this game if it weren’t for those accessibility features. This community is really fantastic.

Bellerophon 4 Mar 28 2019 11:09

Thanks for the update!

Bust It Baby 6 Mar 30 2019 03:43

Yet another awesome update! Thanks devs!

Farnumus 4 Apr 01 2019 20:22

Thanks for the VoiceOver support. These VO tweaks are great. Dungeon map and Sail finally makes sense to me. Great job.

Lollygag Apr 02 2019 19:01

P.S. Thanks for the amazing April Fool’s Day artifacts! They were great fun <3

Elantien Apr 13 2019 13:19

Thanks the devs !!! Good job

Bbekaah May 08 2019 12:34

I fink yoo do un a good jobb I doo… x

Annubbis May 21 2019 23:38

Not bad

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