Godville, May 10 2018

Today Godville turns eight. Yay!

Lets cheer each other and celebrate this special occasion.

All the best wishes to gods in the clouds, heroes in the fields, creators in the ideabox and helpful guildmates.

Send a congratulatory god voice to your brave champion and get an anniversary pack of charges.

Do that for the next 3 days to get this bonus trice!

Cheering while dueling, sailing and spelunking could grant extra bonus.

Happy Godville birthday, everyone!

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Brinjal 4 May 10 2018 11:50

Happy Birthday Godville! Here’s to many more fun-filled years!

Flyingspagghetti May 10 2018 11:53

Happy birthday Godville! Nice number 8, looks the infinity sign

Jimbob64 6 May 10 2018 12:06

Happy 8th Godville-versary, devs! Who would have thought, back at the beginning, that a game you supposedly don’t play would have such sppeal, still be going strong this much later, and have so many fun yet optional or inevitable things to do? For the 5 years, 10 months I’ve experienced, it’s been a fun ride all the way. Here’s to another 8 years, or however long you decide to keep doing this. - Oh, and Godville will forever be remembered fondly by several of us as where we met our spouses thanks for that unexpected bonus.

Cattattouile May 10 2018 12:09

Happy Birthday!

Nuketroll 4 May 10 2018 12:31

How do I send a congratulatory godvoice?

Hairplug4men 6 May 10 2018 12:38

Happy birthday Godville, and as always thank you for giving so much of yourself into this game. As it has given so much to us while been playing for so many years

Eiju May 10 2018 12:41

Happy birthday!!~

JayMarie 4 May 10 2018 12:53

Happy 8th Anniversary Godville and all Godvillians! ???

Godnexus May 10 2018 12:55

Happy birthday!

Lul-Master May 10 2018 12:56

Happy B-day!

Fionntan May 10 2018 12:57

??Happy Birthday / Felíz Cumpleaños :V ??

Cookiecreator 4 May 10 2018 13:49

Congrats to my favorite guilty pleasure. All for one and one for awl.

The Omniscient Being 4 May 10 2018 14:10

Every year I forget Godville and I share the same birthday! How amazing!

Happy birthday Godville

Artsonian 6 May 10 2018 14:14

And I’ve been here for almost seven of those eight years! Thanks, devs, for such a wonderful game and community!!!!!

Saltamontes May 10 2018 14:16

Loving the game more and more every day. Great job and hope you succed many more years

Andrele 4 May 10 2018 14:22

Happy birthday, and thanks for offering us so many hours of fun and awesomeness

Stan The Man 5 May 10 2018 14:36

Whew, can’t believe I’ve been around almost 8 years. Even longer than my world of Warcraft days

Mil-hommes May 10 2018 14:46

Happy birthday and congratulations. Cheers.

Hershey Almighty 6 May 10 2018 14:49

Thanks for the gifts devs! Happy birthday to you and to Godville! To the tavern! ??

Hanseners May 10 2018 15:03

Happy birthday Oh Godville and more Updates to come.

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