Godville, May 10 2018

Today Godville turns eight. Yay!

Lets cheer each other and celebrate this special occasion.

All the best wishes to gods in the clouds, heroes in the fields, creators in the ideabox and helpful guildmates.

Send a congratulatory god voice to your brave champion and get an anniversary pack of charges.

Do that for the next 3 days to get this bonus trice!

Cheering while dueling, sailing and spelunking could grant extra bonus.

Happy Godville birthday, everyone!

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Annubbis Jun 04 2018 21:01


Super Slug Jun 11 2018 09:23

Happy birthday ?

Lucious88 Jul 05 2018 13:59

Happy birthday GODS. DARK KABEL sends his mug to the sky. May your weapons sing with the crys of your foes, Your armor take on the form of earth, and your ALE skin always remain full.

Gamugamongbukid Aug 18 2018 21:20

discovered this game last thursday when i was researching for a topic assigned to me at work: mobile game recommendations for very busy millenials. of course i gave every mobile game a try on my phone, and i must say Godville is the only game i didnt uninstall! i instantly got hooked! a game that plays by itself surely understands my lifestyle. im proud of you, developers. happy birthday!

Ron98 Aug 31 2018 05:26

Happy Birthday Godville! This game makes me wonder if I am a character in someone else’s cellphone? Bazinga!

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