Storm in a Teacup

Godville, Oct 09 2016

Much Faster Search

It is well known that once a deity returns from a long absence, they’re welcomed with a search screen while the game searches for the hero. Apparently, this screen could have been up a minute or more, which is clearly not what was anticipated. After a couple weeks of optimizations this process has been greatly sped up, so now it finds the hero within few seconds. It’s been like for the past few weeks and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Sail Varieties

It’s time to stir up stalling sea waters with a small storm. From now on, there will be much more variety in sails: the aspiring captains will get a quick update on the current sailing conditions at beginning of the voyage. Some of them could be favorable (like doubled treasure or more lighthouses) and some could be less so (e.g. a requirement to exit through port). There about a dozen of these new conditions, which btw can also be combined within one sail, making it all even more exciting.

More Goodness

It’s known that sometimes our wayward heroes try to change guilds on their own, especially if the guild is crowded. From now on, the champions will also pay attention to the guild’s alignment and stay longer if it matches with theirs.
Quick reminder: heroes stop trying to leave the guild upon reaching the Cardinal guild rank (though a hero will still be expelled from the guild if their god leaves them unattended for a month or more).

Godville iOS app has recently been nicely updated with 3D Touch, Quick Action and iOS 10 support. Since 3D Touch could be not obvious to discover, we thought it will be useful to let you know how handy it is to quickly peek into dungeon afk ally stats or seeing the full sail log while on the map (it works in few other places too).

Finally, hundreds of new content items have been added into the game, thanks to the community contributions and great work in ER.

Comments (33)
Chinese Wolf 6 Oct 09 2016 11:09

I was thinking there should be an update soon… And here it is!

Master Of Divines Oct 09 2016 11:16

Looks great! More variety is always welcomed. I’ve never heard of 3D Touch though…is that the dungeon map?

Derelict Red Oct 09 2016 11:32

I love the guild alignment update! Thank you!

Infinitecircle 6 Oct 09 2016 12:36

Updateso are always appreciated.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs 4 Oct 09 2016 12:37

Sounds great. I can’t wait to get my Ark assembled and go sailing.

Hairplug4men 6 Oct 09 2016 12:38

Very excited to go pirating in these new sails! Great job devs!

SiTheSuperior Oct 09 2016 13:05

Nice. Always good to have a few updates.

Jimbob65 6 Oct 09 2016 13:18

Thank you, Godville devs. This looks nice on many levels.

Diabetic Chicken 4 Oct 09 2016 13:19

YAy! I love it when the new update comes out

All Mighty Joyce 6 Oct 09 2016 13:21

Thanks Admin.

Dogess 6 Oct 09 2016 15:40

Woohoo!! I love any update, but I’m really excited to see some consequence/reward for alignment. Very cool! New sail stuff = <3! And all the work you do to stay up to date with tech advancements on various platforms is awe inspiring. Thank you!

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Oct 09 2016 16:15

Nice AFK joke there. Thanks for the ideabox implementations too!

Goddess iliana 4 Oct 09 2016 16:31

Yay for the developers.

General Li 4 Oct 09 2016 17:52

Fantastic job! I really appreciate the regular updates and constant flow of new content. Keep up the great work!

Mallorn 4 Oct 09 2016 19:15

It might seem little, but every update shows how much you care for the little world you created. Love! <3

ZiriguiDoom Oct 09 2016 20:48

Thank you! This is my favorite game ever and it’s getting more awesome each time _

Schooler912 Oct 10 2016 19:21

Always great to hear that progress is bring made!

Ramiz Akhthar Oct 11 2016 10:26

Awesome ?

XStar Oct 11 2016 22:07

There’s a grammar error with the “It’s been like for a couple a weeks”

Okidokidoc Oct 12 2016 16:41


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