Arks and Dungeons

Godville, Sep 21 2013

The time has come to bring more meaning to the life of templed heroes. Sure they are already busy by saving gold for their bright future, but what if something bad happens before that? Something like global warming or heavy rain that will cause a giant flood… So let them build something big and buoyant, like an Ark. Just in case.

But there is a small problem here. As it was foretold in the ancient manuscripts, proper arks have to be built with a special kind of wood. It doesn’t just grow in the nearby forest, so heroes will have to search for it.

Luckily, there are as many as three separate ways of obtaining this wood:

  1. Sometimes pilgrims could put a log to the donation box in the temple (don’t worry, it doesn’t affect charges generation, as those are generated from gold).
  2. A hero can be rewarded with a whole pile of logs upon completing an epic quest.
  3. A piece of wood can also be found in the recently uncovered dungeons.

Yep, now we have dungeons! No one knew for sure what’s in there, but there were rumors of big rooms, long passages, hidden traps, strong bosses never seen before and rich treasuries. Heroes are too scared to enter dungeons by themselves, but sure enough, a god with a temple can make a compelling conviction, using a recently discovered new button on the Remote Control.

The main goal of a dungeon campaign is to find the treasury, which contains lots of gold, loot and yes, this rare gopher wood. Heroes are capable of finding the treasure completely on their own, by choosing directions at their will. However, wise gods can read the map and chronicles and guide the heroes with god voices, greatly increasing the overall chances of the party.

Notes on dungeons:

  • heroes must form a party of at least three to enter a dungeon. While underground, there must be at least two conscious adventures, otherwise the whole group will be evacuated to the surface (with minor penalties for unconscious heroes);
  • avoid sending your hero to dungeon on low health;
  • keep an eye on direction hints hidden in some rooms! Also, stronger bosses tend to live closer to the treasure;
  • bosses can be spotted from the distance just be reading the chronicle carefully and often could be avoided.
  • looting two wood logs from the treasuries within 24 hours is guaranteed. Getting more is still possible, but it’s up to The Great Random. Pay attention to send to dungeon confirmation popup for details (for the mobile apps it will be available with the next app update).

There could be various strategies and goals of dungeon exploration and it’s up to gods how much (or little) godpower to use, as most of the boss encounters could be avoided. But be prepared for the fact that the first few explorations won’t look easy and may take a bit more time. Not finding the treasure is not a big deal, as heroes won’t lose anything irreplaceable.

Final note: dungeons are for fun and you don’t have to explore them if you don’t want to. The hero is able to collect all of the required ark wood from temple and epic quests. Hail ZPG!

In other news, ones longing for new content submissions are kindly welcomed to check out a few dungeons first and then proceed with submitting their gems using the newly added category in the Ideabox. Grammar corrections for existing entries are welcomed too, as usual.

If you’re into dueling, make sure to check out new community-organized championship ‘Rest in Pieces’ with really awesome prizes!

Comments (48)
The Big Guy Upstairs Sep 21 2013 17:02

To quote Dogess: “HOORAY !!!”

The Big Guy Upstairs Sep 21 2013 18:01

Found a dungeon boss but never found a treasury….and no wood :’(….Is there a Dungeon Tip thread yet started in the forums?

No-body Sep 21 2013 18:29

Here is out log. We fought two bosses, with the final one being a “Dungeon Master”.

Once he was killed, explore all the squares around him to find the treasure with the logs. Looks like you will need 1000 logs.

Maynerd Sep 21 2013 20:23

Wow, awesome update. This game has so much potential!

Jimmons 4 Sep 21 2013 20:40

So, new “Pantheon of Arks” soon?

Iduna Sep 21 2013 21:26


SCAl2FACE 4 Sep 21 2013 21:38

Can’t wait for the mobile update!!

Epona Dernhelm Sep 21 2013 21:51

Thanks for getting the update through Amazon too! Very excited!

Omg I Am God 5 Sep 22 2013 03:21

We made it 22 steps before we encountered a hulking boss guarding the treasure! 3421 hp, 5 to each party. Here are some of the rewards. Some of my other guild mates have gone to 3 bosses, so it depends. First person to get their voice in guides the party.

Notes from the dungeon: Heroes plunder the treasure trove and divide the loot. Vyctorious gets 9823 coins, a log for the ark, a dimensional destabilizer, the circle of life, a collide-o-scope and a borrowed time machine.

Love it devs! I second the notion of a pantheon, can’t wait to see the map on my phone!

Omg I Am God 5 Sep 22 2013 03:24

@The Big Guy, you have 100 steps to find the dungeon, there can be anywhere from 1 to 3 bosses, pay attention to the words and guide accordingly. Good luck!

Philomath 6 Sep 22 2013 03:38

Fantastic. Thanks for the new shinies!

SMACN Sep 22 2013 05:11

Sweet mother of SMACN. This is one heck of an update {=O

Fred Flintstone Sep 22 2013 08:23

Hmm I should probably check up on my russian hero seeing as the last time I did was when they got gopherwood.

GLRYRDR Sep 22 2013 11:42

Join “The Wesley Crushers” guild and lets crush some dungeons together!

Bellegere 5 Sep 22 2013 13:35

Sounds great! :-)

Kaimi 4 Sep 22 2013 20:03

Absolutely love the new dungeon part update. It’s awesome and fun to do. However, the wood for the ark is gonna be a bugger to find.

Kaimi 4 Sep 22 2013 20:03

Absolutely love the new dungeon part update. It’s awesome and fun to do. However, the wood for the ark is gonna be a bugger to find.

Minikhan 4 Sep 22 2013 20:47

Will there be a pantheon for this?

Kaimi 4 Sep 23 2013 18:08

12:30: After managing to pass the test of time so quickly, I’ve got five planks for the ark and 6485 gold coins as a bonus.

Chris the One Sep 30 2013 10:44


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