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Godville, Jun 27 2013

This time around we want to talk about Ideabox. User submissions and community participation were always an integral part of the game and today we are introducing some nice perks to it.

In a day or two, the players actively participating in Ideabox voting will start getting a new special bonus – their heroes will be more effective in town prayers, restoring twice as much godpower as usual. Once activated, the bonus will work for a few days and it’s likely to continue to work as long as the god continues to actively participate in the voting process. You’ll know that the bonus is active if you find a special phrase in the diary when your hero prays in town.

There is some under-the-hood trickery, so mindless clicking won’t do any good, so please vote wisely! This feature is an experiment to increase community participation and we hope we won’t have to kill it off due to abuses. In the end, just keep in mind that every single vote you cast in the Ideabox helps to make the game better!

To make it even better, the game has just been updated with a lot of diary entries, hundreds of new monsters, and finally it got a shipment of long awaited high-level equipment.

Lastly, the news for those playing in a web browser:

  • you can check the town nearby by hovering the mouse pointer over the milestone counter;
  • if you use Firefox, make sure to update to Firefox 22 to get desktop notifications on superhero page (if enabled in page settings).
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Der Moerder Jun 27 2013 16:04

Thankyou for looking at a minority. I have chrome but I far prefer firefox. Is this even technically possible for the wiki in the future for non guild/user pages?
(funny thing, right after I updated fire fox I went to the settings to change the theme because 1am… nightly seems like a good idea)

Roozmomo Jun 27 2013 17:46

No wonder the voters increased in double,nice update! This will make the heroes diary more interesting! (Because we need atleast over 50 yes to approve a submission,this new update will be helpful) :)

Putatis Jun 27 2013 18:30

Oh, yes. Increment this mafia. :P

Artsonian 6 Jun 27 2013 20:02

Glad to see there’s “under-the-hood trickery” to help keep things honest …. voting had been seeming a little sparse lately! This should give me the push I needed to return to BOTH sides of the Ideabox! Thanks, as always, for the greatness of Godville, devs …. you all are awesome!

Artsonian 6 Jun 27 2013 20:05

(As I now find myself voting up a bunch of ideas that I like in a row …… ) Here’s hoping the trickery looks partially at the time involved, and not just a streak of up- or down-votes!

Fred Flintstone Jun 28 2013 03:36

For browser can we get a → or ← like android for direction? (or erven < || > or ► || ►)

Stupendous Man Jun 28 2013 07:36

Epona Dernhelm or whoever else knows the answer, does this mean that alts are not eligible for the 2x godpower thing? I used my alt char to vote for every idea in the ideabox, but haven’t seen anything new while praying yet.

Artsonian 6 Jun 28 2013 08:39

Alts get the same bonus as anyone else, since alts are seen as “just another god” (the devs don’t know who’s alt and who’s not). The issue raised was for people with alts, who spread their votes across the alts – one person who submits twenty votes on one hero is going to appear to have done twice as someone who submits twenty votes split between two heroes. Clear as mud, no? And I’m not sure if anyone’s seen it yet – devs said “next day or two”, probably bc they need a day or two of tracked voting to decide who gets the bonus.

Blue Panda Jun 28 2013 11:48

Artsonian, I think you’re right. After all, if the bonus lasts a few days, it seems fair that we’d have to persist for a few days too :)

Stupendous Man Jun 28 2013 21:42

Sweet! Just got the new praying bonus!

01:23 I had a strange vision during a prayer of Most Righteous One poking into pluses and minuses with his divine finger. I think it improved my prayer a lot.

Stupendous Man Jun 28 2013 22:04

And muchas gracias to the devs! I’m going to enjoy this new treat!

Izanagi-No-Mikoto Jun 30 2013 19:49

How can I send an idea?

Fade to black Jul 08 2013 21:09


Pelorite Jul 13 2013 20:15

TIL that the game was playable via browser

Pheanix Jul 14 2013 10:00

Sounds like an awesome idea :) it sure would make me vote ntg

Jackalope Farspire Jul 18 2013 01:33

I have always felt wholly discouraged by the people in the ideabox forum. I will give it a shot again. I hope this chamge brings people who truly want to participate back, and outweighs the cult that took it over to begin with.

Lord Patricio Sep 04 2013 04:10

This is great i always vote and i actually vote yes on most things bc i don’t want to discourage other players

Sweetsngel123 Sep 07 2013 04:28

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Mrnhdrb Sep 09 2013 04:15

I can’t vote down

She who is the one Oct 03 2013 14:58

Where do I vote

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