Holiday Fair

Godville, Dec 24 2013

It’s that time of the year when the feeling of coolness is accompanied with the joy of unpacking presents.
As usual, the hordes of Santa Clawses and alike swarm into Godville for whatever reason. They carry so many presents, so they literally just litter them around, making heroes happier and wealthier. Important note: for the first and only time during the holidays these special monsters can be tamed!

This year nature also rewarded us with a new invention – a special breed of holiday monsters that gift an accumulator charge once defeated. Pay attention to whom your hero is fighting and don’t miss your chance.

Finally, for this very special occasion, a pop-up settlement of fair tents was opened right next to the capital. Laplandville welcomes all visitors with bargain sales, generous traders, and extra-effective chapels.

Happy holidays!

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JKinho 5 Dec 24 2013 16:57

W00T!!!!! Love new content!

Bdu Dec 24 2013 17:03

But I just got my pet above level 30!! I don’t wanna lose him, but I want to tame a Santa Claws!! Ahh the torture!

Bdu Dec 24 2013 17:06

And by the way guys, the in-game hint for the special monsters isn’t in English…makes it a little hard to follow along. Otherwise, keep up the great work!

NebulousOne 6 Dec 24 2013 17:10

Oooh! New content and presents! I like!

Anonbeing Dec 24 2013 17:35

I approve of this.

Europont Dec 24 2013 18:02

nice! :)

Happy holidays! to all

Azarkon 4 Dec 24 2013 18:11

12:10: In its dying moments, the Chocolate Elemental lifted off its mask to reveal that it was a Bitter Chocoholic all along. What a brilliant twist!

Tororo Dec 24 2013 18:17

How come the tents can’t be spread around milestones 1-10000

Brinjal 6 Dec 24 2013 18:25

06:23 PM The Holiday Chewbaccacabra transformed into a blue brick, which I immediately threw into the sky. Happy holidays, Mighty One!


I wonder if my alt will get a Santa Claws…

Iduna Dec 24 2013 18:35

Fantastic Happy Holidays!

Bellegere 4 Dec 24 2013 18:41

Yay for new content!! Happy holidays everyone! :)

Stickyorder 6 Dec 24 2013 18:46

How long will this last for?

Gorn 6 Dec 24 2013 19:05

So, if I just tamed a pet yesterday, how can I get a chance for a Santa Claws instead?

Jimbob64 6 Dec 24 2013 19:27

This is awesomely fun, or could be. Thanks, once Christmas shopping IRL is through, this gives us all something special to anticipate, whatever it may be that each of us comes away with.

Gorn 6 Dec 24 2013 20:00

11:59 AM Studied the vial of holiday spirit, pulled the imperceptible ring… and it disappeared with a clap. Hey, where’s my gift?

Rapgod Dec 24 2013 20:47

Merry christmas everyone

Mojito Burrito 5 Dec 24 2013 21:49

Goddammit! If only my pet had waited a bit before getting knocked out… Ah well, Merry Christmas to all!

Alpha Trion Dec 25 2013 00:46

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

BuckyLastard Dec 25 2013 01:29

Merry Christmas all ZPG fans

Eririnn Dec 25 2013 03:21

Happy Christmas and holidays to everyone!!

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