One Year Later

Godville, May 10 2011

Today is a special day. One year ago Godville opened its doors. Back in those days it was quite a small and barely populated place. Polytheism was only yet to shine, monsters were scarce and heroes could hardly say more than a couple of canned phrases. Fortunately, thanks to the growing divine population and rising diversity, Godville gradually got bigger, better and much more awesome in many ways.

What is a birthday with no presents? Frankly, we don’t want to know, so here is our special anniversary game update:

  1. Recently Godville got its official Facebook app. Those of you who want to access their heroes right in their favorite social network should be especially pleased.
  2. To reduce the number of typos and occasional guild duplicates, from now on there will be two different god voices to create a new guild and to join an existing one (kudos to Syrocko and Gordianus for this idea). We’ve also added new extra honorable guild ranks, so check up on your hero, maybe he just got promoted.
  3. Our Android app got a highly anticipated overhaul, featuring lots of internal changes, a much better look and a couple of cool new features. We’re eager to hear your feedback, so grab a special preview-version here and let us know what you think!
  4. And last, but certainly not least – starting today, everybody will be getting a free accumulator charge on each level up. And to make it even better – all active gods were just granted with some free accumulator charges (according to the level of your hero) and friend invites. Go give your hero some sparks and have some fun today!

Thanks to everyone for being with us! Happy birthday, Godville!

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Sapiotrella May 11 2011 01:54

Happy Birthday indeed! I’m happy too with that HUGE amount of charges! I thought something was wrong with my eyes at first! xD Glad with the Android app overhaul too~~ Today’s a Happy DAY! :D

Deprivus May 11 2011 03:21

Hey developers! Whenever you guys see this post; I found a typo in the FAQ when I click on the post above. It says- “When hero is hot busy” Shouldnt it say “When the hero is not busy”. Anyway, thanks and Happy Anniversary :)

Bassiltrona The Great May 11 2011 03:59

That is so awesome, my hero is pleased at these events and I love the super page!

Tylerwashere May 11 2011 04:30

Awesome. Happy birthday guys. Thanks for the charges and invites

Trentos May 11 2011 06:17

Eprica an I are pleased to gear such great news. Here’s to many more years of Godville!

Ice2004 May 11 2011 06:21

Happy B-day Godville & thanks for the charges.

Giano 4 May 11 2011 06:28

Happy birthday and keep up the good job! You rule!

Hero88888 May 11 2011 07:12

Lovely. Happy birthday.

Ro Ro Pong May 11 2011 07:30

Happy Birthday ! Thank you for this great game !

Spongey May 11 2011 07:32

Happy Birthday Godville! Thank you for granting my divinty to wish I so rightly deserve. HA!

Rheey119 4 May 11 2011 07:57

happy birthday~^^

Dagda May 11 2011 08:05

Happy birthday Godville :D

She May 11 2011 08:09

Happy Birthday! The new android version looks and moves really nice.

Ardvinna May 11 2011 10:07

Happy birthday and thank you for this great game!

Loved the new android app design. It looks more like the app for Iphone and Ipad. Nice.

Johke May 11 2011 10:48

Woop woop! Bappy Godday Birthville!

~I love the smell of Godville in the morning.

Gsxrboy 6 May 11 2011 12:03

Happy birthday, may many monsters been slain in your honor!

Supreme Amelia May 11 2011 13:05

Hooray! Hip hop hap hapapPy burt hda y!

Dylanwaynebull May 11 2011 16:11

Love the new android look love this game :) keep up the great work guys!

Brilliance May 11 2011 16:19

Happy birthday to Godville :D and loving the new android app. It looks amazing, keep up the good work !

Exis May 11 2011 18:19

Happy birthday and thanks for the gifties!

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