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Godville, Apr 11 2011

There is no bad time for renovation, especially when it’s about something as old as our hero page in the browser. Its first version was put together several years ago, as a part of the initial game prototype. Over the last year we constantly felt that this page should be better and recently we’ve been able to materialize these thoughts in the form of something workable. So here it is – the new (super!) hero page! It not only looks better, feels snappier and is more customizable, but it will also reduce the load on our servers and make it easier for us to add new features later.

This page went through lots of tests and tweaks over the past several weeks and it finally feels solid enough to make it available to everyone. Because there still might be some nasty bugs here and there, the new page will be available as an option. Once we nail the last insect down, this page will probably replace the old one permanently. Meanwhile, we ask you to check it out and let us know if there are any problems in this forum topic.

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Fireoth Apr 11 2011 21:08

I like it! Thanks for the renovation!

Andremann Apr 11 2011 21:16

It’s Awesome! Godlike!

Raul Marq Apr 11 2011 21:48

I love it! The new darker theme is the best thing to ever happen to this game! Thank you very much, devs!

Jan Serafin Apr 11 2011 22:22

It’s very nice even though i got used to the old look. Best improvment in my opinion is in the “friends” section.

Aurlord Apr 11 2011 22:47

Like the new look, but the page at the moment doesn’t load in turbo mode (at least as far as I can tell), while the old page does. This is something that need to be addressed for it to be usable.

Amarastu 6 Apr 12 2011 00:04

Loving the new Super Hero renovation. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

Ariman Apr 12 2011 01:54

I like how this one doesn’t lie to me about how I have Turbo Mode.

Dronak 6 Apr 12 2011 02:20

Looks nice, but as for Aurlord, Turbo mode isn’t working for me. I posted about it in the Turbo Mode FAQ thread on the forum. Out of curiosity, will the mobile apps be updated as well, or is this purely a web site change? (P.S. —If the mobile apps are going to be edited, I’d like to request a dark theme for Android; white text on a black background.)

Ampersand Apr 12 2011 02:39

There’s nothing on the superhero page for me.

Silver Surfer Apr 12 2011 04:02

Great! Finally, I am no longer the only Super Hero here, but get company ... (grins maliciously)

Sapiotrella Apr 12 2011 04:31

*Agrees with Jan

The best improvement is made in the “friends” section. It looks suspiciously like Facebook’s UI though, not that I mind. Haha.

Dolores Payne Apr 12 2011 09:06

Well, I don’t even HAVE a friends section … What I like is the 3D globe of Godville. Would be great if one could zoom into it and look up places, Google-Earth style!

Another great improvement is the previous voices section (the small pencil symbol near the God’s voice input mask). That was sorely missed in the older format, especially during duels!

Sporkness Apr 12 2011 17:13

I wish it showed how old my hero is.

Or maybe it’s there somewhere and I’m just blind.

Imagxinary Apr 13 2011 06:30

I love it, just by turbo doesnt seem to ever come on though…

Sensei Blood Apr 14 2011 15:06

The new look is great, but I use an iPod Touch, and have lost access to my hero. Please solve this as soon as possible! I tried signing on with a browser, but the only thing that is working is the new (super) page. Even then, the chat system is very slow, and I have not been able to contact any of my Godville friends.

Sensei Blood Apr 14 2011 18:43

Problem fixed. Thank you devs!

Yadiel Apr 16 2011 01:54

Good page. However, according to my screen reader (yes, I am blind) it doesn’t read properly the links. Maybe is my particular system. ut I will keep trying and will post everything that I find. BTW, to the God who said he/she is blind… whatever dude. I found it so apperently yeah, you are blinder than me.

Yadiel Apr 16 2011 02:01

Guys, the encourage and punish actions are not viewd as links. Could you please mark them as links on the code? Thanks.

Sporkness Apr 17 2011 08:50


I’m not talking about the God page (

I was saying that the superhero page doesn’t show the age of my hero. Okay, I can go and have a look on my god page whenever I want to know how old my hero is, but it’s a bit inconvenient that it doesn’t show the age on the superhero page.

Skilfing Apr 17 2011 16:54

I really like it, too. Especially that you changed “News from the battlefields” to “Earthly News” =)

The only thing I miss on the hero page, is that I cannot see my “approved ideas” any more. Really miss those!

Cheers, Florian

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