Godville on Android

Godville, Mar 17 2011

After many months of work, we’re happy to announce that the Godville app for Android is finally available in the Android Market!

The functionality of this app is on par with its iOS counterpart. In other words, it supports 99% of features of the browser version, including the remote control, friends and the ideabox. It even has a special notification system to help you monitor your hero better. And of course, the app is free!

The forum topic to discuss the app is here, waiting for your comments, ideas or suggestions.

Also, several days ago we updated all of our mobile pages, making them look better on both iOS and Android devices. Hope that you like it!

Comments (28)
Ing Shaddhur Mar 17 2011 14:39

Great. Congratulations!

Sensei Blood Mar 17 2011 14:42

I noticed the new look, and I like it! Thanks for the hard work, we truly appreciate it.

Joe123 Mar 18 2011 00:46

only 99 percent?

Nathan E Mar 19 2011 15:29

Yay! been waiting for this to appear.

Kcyanide Mar 20 2011 10:31

@Joe123 I think that there is no awesome 3D interface

Boris90 Apr 03 2011 17:54

I found out about GodVille via Android Market :) Wouldn’t know about it otherwise.

Felios Apr 05 2011 11:15

Same here, Android market pointed me this way and I’m really liking it

Cameron17 Apr 06 2011 03:06

I love it

Omniscience Apr 07 2011 20:58

P chill game

Lord Enki Apr 08 2011 15:31

I have to say, I am addicted! Thanks for bringing this app to the android platform!

Malangore1 Apr 08 2011 21:23

Never heard of the game before seeing it in the market. Just swapped to a droid x and so glad I found this game

Musejane Apr 09 2011 15:49

Happy for godville. Congrats to the developers

SOURAV AGARWAL Apr 16 2011 06:24

who needs drugs when games r there

Sethhh Apr 20 2011 05:01

Love the app, thx for release it on android!

Badling Apr 30 2011 12:07


Ketum May 02 2011 23:17

lovin it!!

Shesgotdajack May 04 2011 09:42

I like it. Works great on galaxy S

Angry Monkey God May 08 2011 22:00

Has anyone had any luck editing hero’s chronicles on an Android?

Shesgotdajack May 16 2011 02:20

I cannot copy /paste my guild symbol into my motto. Help

JaneGleed May 24 2011 12:14

I found the game on android it’s great so I now also have it on my browser. Nice work.

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