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Godville, Mar 17 2011

After many months of work, we’re happy to announce that the Godville app for Android is finally available in the Android Market!

The functionality of this app is on par with its iOS counterpart. In other words, it supports 99% of features of the browser version, including the remote control, friends and the ideabox. It even has a special notification system to help you monitor your hero better. And of course, the app is free!

The forum topic to discuss the app is here, waiting for your comments, ideas or suggestions.

Also, several days ago we updated all of our mobile pages, making them look better on both iOS and Android devices. Hope that you like it!

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Prince Jos Jun 11 2011 01:19

Add me

Mistress Jennifer Sep 07 2011 01:21

This game is the BOMB! Little lost at first but now I feel guilty when I haven’t checked on my heroine for a while and find her almost dead, lol. Anyone want to be friends?.. curious to see what that’s like. Booya guys!

TheThrone Sep 25 2011 16:10

Love this game!!!! Mistress Jennifer I’d like our hero’s to be friends!!

Gwyn Sep 27 2011 10:23

Nice I will be glad to get the third eye

Sinical1 Sep 29 2011 16:56

Awesome game. Can’t wait to see it evolve with all the ideabox input. Godville FTW!

Tabbycat Oct 05 2011 18:45

i just started 2day how do i get friends

Smooth E Oct 13 2011 18:25

@tabbycat, I believe you just select the friends tab and enter someones God name in the invite section. Like mine is Smooth E. Feel free to add me to try it out.

Lord dave almighty Oct 21 2011 02:10

Add me as a friend Lord Dave almighty

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