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Godville, Jan 22 2011

The long dark nights of January are drawing to close. But we haven’t been in hibernation; we’ve been making changes behind the scenes, the following tweaks which you’ll notice right away:

  1. Heroes have developed a sense of camaraderie, and a touch of compassion. The main consequence is that they will spare the life of those they defeat in skirmish duels.
  2. Gods no longer lose their godpower when their hero dies and quest progress is also preserved.
  3. Influence of the opposite type is less harmful to the hero’s personality.
  4. Evil heroes are now less likely to die in battles with monsters.
  5. Healing potions in the inventory are now written in italics.
  6. In order to make turns clearer in duels, your opponent’s actions will be highlighted.

All these changes are already available in the browser and our iPhone app will support all of them with the next update.

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Jeime Tenro 5 Jan 22 2011 22:15

Hero no longer loses godpower

My hero has godpower too? :\ I need to look after him more carefully…
Dizmarouz Jan 22 2011 22:19

I like the sound of not losing quest progress when a character dies. That would be very annoying…

I only joined today so I don’t really know what it was like before, but I can imagine it would be a bit harsh…

Cupcakemann95 Jan 22 2011 23:09


Dien Jan 23 2011 11:08

Oh my, that is wonderful. Thank you for your continued work.

Aurlord Jan 23 2011 20:44

All good news! Will make the gameplay better.

It is also good that “evil heroes will die less often in the fields but I have one request for heroes of “Good” alignment. In the arena it’s becoming increasingly difficult to survive “Evil” heroes who use a lot of “punish” commands to hit out of turn. The gameplay balance need to be somewhat redressed, maybe with a higher healing rate for “encourages” or with a higher chance that God’s voice works when it’s your own hero’s turn to attack. I understand not everyone will agree with this, but currently the arena fights are unbalanced. Thanks.

Robleokin Jan 24 2011 14:31

I agree with Aurlord, everyone knows the good guys always win! Well mostly ;-)

Naktiluka Jan 28 2011 17:53

My hero has godpower too? :\ I need to look after him more carefully…

Of course he has! How could he pet a beast if he didn’t have the godpower?)
Darkn3ss- Apr 13 2011 17:50

I just wish that when you fight that it would go just a little faster…. But anyway still a grate game!

Druidstorm Jun 03 2011 10:48

Keep up the good work guys!!!...)o(

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