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Godville, Dec 23 2010

With another awesome game update Godville closes this year by opening its very own newspaper – Godville Today. This brand new, online-only limited edition features various news from all around Godville, as random and unpredictable in their nature as Godville itself. There is no doubt that with time the newspaper will get better, smarter and will be read by virtually everyone in the world, but until then please enjoy it just the way it is. And just as usual, corrections to the “not so breaking” are greatly appreciated.

Moving to the next point in our agenda… The Godville iPhone app has just been updated to version 2.3 that includes, yes, the “Godville Today” newspaper (congratulations to all twitter followers who’ve got a special prize for finding it), a better view of the clouds from your divine window and a small pack of special holiday bug fixes.

And the last, but certainly not least point in our list. Today the holiday spirit has finally come to our towns and villages! Hordes of Santa Clawses are spreading throughout the snow-covered paths with the mind-blowing speed of their ultrasonic sledges. Don’t let your hero miss out the special presents that those creatures have with them. Let the treasure hunting begin! Happy holidays everyone!

Comments (13)
Anmoris Dec 23 2010 23:42

Oh, it’s great! Thank you very much!

And happy holidays, too!

Bonus Deus Dec 23 2010 23:52

I love like ponies

This poem is definitly not a haiku

I don’t have a life.

BTW I’m fat and ugly

Bonus Deus Dec 23 2010 23:59

jk, not really, jk

Hammrsgl Dec 24 2010 08:08

Thanks Admin a very special update just in time for Xmas! Have a great one all!

Beamer Dec 24 2010 14:07

too much fun! can’t handle all the fun!

Ladytatlo2 Dec 25 2010 19:05

Godville just keeps gettin better!

Rakesh Apr 15 2011 23:16

I just love this game :)

Axelo Apr 21 2011 11:26

Truly Amazing…....

Bexterian May 31 2011 15:55

Only just started on here but it’s fantastic

Druidstorm Jun 06 2011 22:45

Realy love the game! But would love an avatar image of my hero to marvel at! Keep pushing onward!!!...)o(

Imotep Jun 23 2011 21:18

Add me!

Fesius Jul 03 2011 19:25

Girls add me kratos 123

Ballofsam Jul 13 2011 05:26

Add me

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