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Godville, Dec 21 2022

Good news, dear gods and goddesses!

Firstly, we took another regular dive into the giant pile of Ideabox submissions and fished out the best. Hope you enjoy hundreds of fresh earthly news, monsters and artifacts. Big thanks to all authors and ER editors!

Secondly, we added a neat guild feature: if a guild or one of its members gets featured in Godville Times, all guildmates will be automatically notified in their Guild Council.

Now, onto the main event: the Christmas season! Well, Godville is surely ready to celebrate, just look at the festivities list:

  • Keep an eye out for snowflakes ❄️. These delicate and beautiful crystals can be found by defeating monsters, catching reindeers 🦌, or fished out of frozen ponds. Gods can also get an extra snowflake from the godpower capacitor in Godville Times.
  • These snowflakes are not just fun to look at and lick – they are useful. They can be traded for gold and used as wildcards in the bingo game. And if a hero gets a whole bunch, sometimes he makes a snowman and gets presents after heroically defeating it.
  • Another thing to look forward to is the abundance of holiday gifts – these can drop from monsters, snowmen, and even the bingo game. These can be activated for free and offer sweet and valuable rewards. By the way, there is a quick way to get a gift – each bingo extraction will give one right away.
  • Any god with the Dungeon Forge can put a Christmas tree in their dungeon for other heroes to find and get some holiday presents.
  • Be sure to visit Laplandville, the festive town located next to Godville, for some discounts and holiday spirit.
  • Santa Clawses and Satan Clauses are back, spreading holiday cheer, gifts and even tameable with a bit of luck.
  • FInally, there are special Christmas side jobs and holiday POIs to savor as well.

The celebration will last until January 2. Happy Holidays!

Comments (36)
Dymphnation 4 Dec 21 2022 18:40

Joy to the world! Godville Xmas is here! 🥳

Sophie The Woo 4 Dec 21 2022 18:48

Awesome update, thanks devs and fellow players for the submissions! 🍻🎉🍻

Irisiazes 庙畜 Dec 21 2022 19:08

Let’s go! 🎄

The Omniscient Being 4 Dec 21 2022 21:23

Thanks devs and fellow players. Have a happy holiday season!

Thirteenth Flower 4 Dec 21 2022 23:08

Woo hoo!

All Mighty Joyce 6 Dec 21 2022 23:25

Always keeping it fresh.

The Boss One 6 Dec 22 2022 03:12

My favorite godville time of the year

Obi1eyedkenobi 庙 Dec 22 2022 12:22

sweet! buuuuut how do we visit specific places and tame monsters?

Happy Holidays!!!

Eincar Dec 22 2022 12:59

We wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year, namamasko po!

Upselon 5 Dec 22 2022 15:26


Scarpit 4 Dec 22 2022 18:12


Olem 4 Dec 23 2022 04:34

Happy holidays!!!! Thank you Devs!!!!

Cham Almighty 6 Dec 23 2022 22:25

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But Godville is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let us make a Snowman with some snow… flakes”

Christmastime in Godville is always fabulous! Thank you so much, devs, and have a wonderufl holiday!

Tot The Wise 庙畜 Dec 24 2022 01:42

How many snowflakes do we need to get a snowman?

Kai The Trickster 庙 Dec 25 2022 05:00

Yay happy holidays

Lolu 庙舟 Dec 25 2022 16:25

Snowmen! Reindeer!

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